Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
					Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

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  1. Infantry Volunteer
  2. Dedication Ceremony - Corporal Andrew Jackson Smith
  3. Ayers Case Provisions Not Included in Report From State Institutes ofHigher Learning  By Earnest McBride
  4. Joseph Lowery Pushes Nationwide Support for Ayers Appeal Hearing
  5. Ayers Case Now In Hands of 5th Circuit
  6. Jackson State University Lynching Exhibit
  7. The Black Confederate Brigade in the Civil War
  8. Battle of Vicksburg Being Fought Again Over Recognition of Black Civil War Troops
  9. Top Radio Station Owner Rip Daniels Programmed Himself for Success
  10. National Park Service Refuses to Give Black Civil War Soldiers FullCredit
  11. Notes from Black History November 1873
  12. Research History at Washington Senior High School
  13. Washington Senior High School
  14. In Memoriam - Milton Hale
  15. Below is a survey of African
  16. Mr. Allie Sylvester Cottrell
  17. Underground Railroad - A Railroad Without Rails
  18. Unit Records - US Army
  19. Union U.S.C.T. Headstones
  20. In Memoriam - Sergeant Milton Graham 69th Infantry Division
  21. World War II Oral History Project
  22. Association of the '2221' Negro Volunteers, WWII
  23. Association of the "2221" Negro Volunteers - World War II
  24. An Impression of Seminole Days 2002
  25. Camp Nelson
  26. A Martin Delany Scholar, Ser Seshs Ab Heter-Clifford M. Boxley, Natchez, Mississippi, at Delany's Resting Place - Massies Creek Cemetery, Greene County, Ohio
  29. Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Braintrust - Gala Reception and Awards Ceremony
  30. Cemeteries in New Castle County, Delaware
  31. Glenwood Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama - Memorial Service for Private Washington Markin
  32. Female Re-Enactors of Distinction (FREED)
  33. Private Amos McKinney Memorial Ceremony
  34. Henry Robert Burke
  35. U.S. Army Records
  36. Paul Laurence Dunbar House, a Site of the Ohio Historical Society