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Records of Negroes in Ross County, Ohio, Before 1818

Part 1

Researched and compiled by Beverly Gray

(Sources: Marriage records Ross County, Ohio - Records of the First Anti Slavery Baptist Church of Chillicothe - Renick-Waddle Papers-Ross County Historical Society - Methodist Church Records - Record of Black and Mullatto Person Ross County Ohio - News Articles, Probate Records Ross County-List of Negores 1804 - Papers of Thomas Worthinton-6th Governor of Ohio)

David Ross 1810
Harry Hitt 1804-1811 (Source-Marriage and Record of Negro Mulatto Persons)
Thomas Johnston 1811
Clerander Green female 1800
Jeremiah Clark 1812
Billy Miles while still Northwest Territory by Massie 1792
Edward Brown
Sylvy Leonard 1804 slave of Rev. Sam Finley died in 1814
Georg Curtis before 1807
Andrew Warewick 1802
Frances Anderson
Peter Hacket 1806
Isaac Roberts 1806
Nicholas Lewis 1806
Hannah (Fisher ) Mcdowell She seems to have changed her name to McDowell, she is listed on the methodist church records.(the white methodist church.
Abraham Nickens before 1807 Jefferson Township
Polly Nickens 1807
Milly Jacobs O'Free 12 nov. 1806
Morris O'frees 1806
Delia Oct. 1806
Jack Dixon was a slave of Margaret Dixon 1806
Peter James 1806
Amos Danderidge before April 1807
Isaac Brown before 1807
Benjamin Jonas before 1807
Sally Hill 1812
Abraham Nickens 1805
Rachel Nickens Child 1805
Kissy Nickens Child 1805
Betsy Nickens Child 1805
Nathaniel Nickens Child 1805
Bill Nickens Child 1805
Jams(James) Nickens Child 1805
Sam Nickens Child 1805
Palt Nickens Child 1805
Sidney either Clark or Ash 1804

Part 2 - Early Ohio People of Color - 

Negroes and Mulatto Persons - Ross County Ohio

Sources: Marriage records Ross County, Ohio - Records of the First Anti Slavery Baptist Church of Chillicothe - Renick-Waddle Papers-Ross County Historical Society - Methodist Church Records - Record of Black and Mullatto Person Ross County Ohio - News Articles, Probate Records Ross County-List of Negores 1804 - Papers of Thomas Worthinton-6th Governor of Ohio)

Philemon 1804
James Fisher 1805
Joseph Bradley 1802
Sirrah Bradley 1802
Mike(Miles) probably senior 1792 by Nathaniel Massie
Morris by Jacob Cochran 1805
Amblick and Sarah Nickens 1804 on Ben Kerns farm (Free papers were burned)
Children of Ambick and Sarah:
Joseph Bradley and family since 1799
Dinah Craigh by Tiffin Springfield Township
Polly Janney
Barbara Janney child
Carter Janney Child
Joe Janney -married Patsy Curtis
Woodford Miller
Bill a Mullatto Born June 11, 1789
Charles born Feb. 18, 1791
Jeremiah Sept. 12, 1792 all 1804
William and Rose Nickens 1807 4 or 5 Nickens Children
John Freeman
Nancy Freeman both 1813 husband and wife
Jon Littleon son of Betsy 1813
Edmond Howard apprentice Cooper 1813
James Rose 1813
John maybe Hawkins 1813
William (Williams) ex -slave of William Henry Harrison ?Driven a team of oxen for the North Western Army?
Lydia and Charles 1796 Russell??
Jeffrey Day 1814
Ezekiel Ross 1802
Sam perhaps Wright
Also Charlotte; Ben; Milly and Jane 1812
Benjamin Hardyson 1814
Wiliam Brown 1805 Jefferson Township
Robert Taylor 1814
Perry Cohen 1811 first wife was Hetty slave of Dejarnett(Virginia)
Fanny Dearmint- (Demint-D Emmit _1799-1800 Ex-Worthington slave
Patty Curtis Born in Ohio daughter of Fanny Dearmint, who came to Ohio with Thomas Worthington.
William Pattaway 1814
Morris Butler 1814
John Burns Born in 1794 Ohio 1814
Henry Abrams surety John Poindexter Nancy Abrams wife
Elizabeth Bly
Abraham Abrams
Jacob Moses
Patrick Abrams 1814
Levidy (Sidney) maybe Ruddell Born 1780 came 1814
William Cammell 1815
Sam Washington to be taught the occupation of Spinner or Weaver 1816 indenture
Ira Ellis 1815
Abner Bishop 1815
Edward Jackson 1816
Richard Douglas 1816 Trumpeteer with Comodore Barney Battle of Bladensburgh.
Jack Duncan taught spinner weaver trade indenture 1816
Edmund Crump 1816
Joseph Frost Seaman in the US Navy on Lake Erie discharged10 July 1814 Ross County 1816
Rohbert Bradley -------- Indenture to Mary Scott 1816
Wiliam Brown ----1805 Jefferson Township
William Clerke and family Born 1766 -------- served in the Revolutionary War 1780-81 under Col John Jamison His wifewas Hannah. They had two sons, Coleman and Nicholas.
Sally Peters
Gilly Gilliland 1817 *****
Dinah Starn 1817
Thomas Mitchell ? 1817 **
Peter--------blacksmith 1817
William Thomas 1817
John Jackson 1817
Isaac Nickens got his freedom 1799 Jean (wife) (spelling) Nickling
Owens Nickens
Dicy Nickens
Tapecol Bromback 1817
Adam Griffith 1802 indentured to White Brown ( Maryland )in 1802
James Jones 1817
Robert Holt 1818
Nancy Sheets Jefferson Township 1818
Nelson Piles born 1783 came in 1800
William Piles born 1814
Juoy born 1807
Robert Piles 1803
Maria Piles 1815 had blond hair.
Elinor Piles born 1790 all of her children were born free. Piles family here in 1818.
William Johns born 1796 here 1818
James Richards - British Navy brought to Chillicothe as a Prisoner of War 1813 from Lake Erie.
Daniel Brown 1819
Julian Butler born 1794
Basil Steele 1816
Jack Christian 1819
Daniel Dial
Thomas Woods aka Richard Lockman
Joe Wilkins a waggoner 1821
Bill a Worthington servant 1798
Paul Pool
Otha Clare 1803
Moses Freeman freed by Tootle 1812 Quinn Chapel AME
James Turpin 1802
David Nickins 1804 founder of First Baptist Church Chillicothe 1824
Henry Evans 1807
Ann West Born in Chillicothe 1801
Thomas Watson came to the Northwest territory with Hector Sanford in 1797
Henry Hill 1803 a Revolutionary War Soldier and tanner Eve Nickens Hill) marriage licenses in 1803
Esther Nickens
Berry Andrson 1815 marriage
Draper Brown 1813 marriage
Sidney Wright 1813 marriage
Molly Washington 1812 marriage
Elijah Brown 1798
Jaacob Brown 1804
Dennis Brown 1804
Joseph Wilson 1806
Abraham Love (Lowe) 1806
Catherine Hill 1806 Marriage
Lesley( Elsey??) Brown Marriage 1805
Dennis V Hill A tanner Marriage-free papers
Polly Day 1812
Fannie Carter ( married Henry Hitt )1812
George Hughes 1810 marriage
Philoemon Lowman
Alley Blackburn indenture 1806- marriage
Milly Ross Owens marriage, court records, First Baptist Church records
Isaac Owens-Owings 1802 indenture
Hannah Ross 1798 marriage, FBC records
Ben Jonas 1806 marriage 1813( Source: indentures 1800+Waddle papers)(FBC Records)
Judy Stanley 1796 cook for T Worthington, wife of Isaac Stanley census-1850, unpublished memories of Worthington daughter.
William Glassingale Census ( T Worthington papers, Waddle papers)
James Nickens 1808
Rachel Simpson 1808 marriage
Jordan Winstead before 1815 Marriage --(Stepson of William Miles)
Jane Turner before 1815
William Pataway RBONMP marriage 1815
Kitty Brown marriage 1806
Phyliss Bradley 1807 marriage
Edward Jackson before 1807 (RBON Census court records census) 1820
Nelly D Emmet
Ann Curtis
Fanny Carter marriage 1812 H. Hitt
Hester Hill-Hetty-wife of Perry Cohen
George Curtis before 1816 marriage
Robert Lane
Milly Lane before 1817
Thomas Williams before 1815
Sally Carter 1815 marriage
Thomas Woods 1816
Polly Cartes (Carter) 1816
Harry Taylor 1814
Elizabeth Lucas 1814( marriage)
Simon Moody 1806 ( marriage)
Rebecca Hill 1806(marriage)
Hannah James (marriage) 1816
Robert Pleasants marriage 1816 (Waddle papers letter from McClintick)
Jacob Brown 1814 marriage
Levin Smith 1813 marriage news article
Lydia Wright 1813 marriage
Dinah Dorsey before 1808 marriage
Isaac Roberts before 1808 marriage

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