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Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

To the Story of Estevanico


During the period these pages were being assembled, a brief mini-survey was conducted. The inquiry was, "Can you identify Estevanico?"

There was one affirmative answer from thirteen people asked. This was no street corner questionnaire. These were all college graduates who had had adequate opportunity to learn American History. Sad Statistics, indeed. If Geography is a little known subject, then History must be right behind in second place.

When it was suggested to a thirteen year old that she try this story on her Florida history teacher, the question came back, "Is it fact?" Yes, Erin, the dates, the events, the people are all real from a long time ago. Those modern little speeches in doggerel you will have to blame entirely upon me. Better yet, use your own imagination to think what else might have been said.

Marshall C. Harrold
Centerville, Ohio
August 16, 1989



A series of articles in chronological order will be posted over the next few weeks from Mr. Harrod's well researched and documented report about a remarkable individual, Estevanico.

In order to calm concerns and minimize questions, such as, "Is it fact?" or "Did he make it up?" - Mr. Harrod's bibloigraphy is being posted at the onset.

Bennie J. McRae, Jr.
Site Manager
Trotwood, Ohio
March 21, 1997



All the information herein has come from reading. Every reference is listed below. Each contains much detail that would be of interest and should be available through any public library. These authors had done exactly the same thing. They read. Remember that all the eye witnesses have been dead for four centuries.


  • The Lummis quotation is from "A New Mexico David" found in "Southwest Classics" by L.C. Powell, 1974.


  • Estabanico, Helen Rand Parish, 1974.


  • Estevanico, The Black, John Upton Terrell, 1968.


  • Journey Into Darkness, John Upton Terrell, 1962.


  • Pueblos, Gods, and Spaniards, John Upton Terrell, 1973


  • The History of The Conquest of Mexico, W. H. Prescott, 1843.




Stay tuned......

Trotwood, Ohio
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