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United Brothers Of Friendship Cemetery

United Brothers Of Friendship Cemetery

Corydon, Kentucky

(Henderson - Corydon - Cairo, Kentucky)



Researched and compiled by Ms. Juanita White, Louisville, Kentucky

Arnett, Fountain * Pvt D 6th USCC 1/18/18651 Louisville, KY
Bland, John W. **          
Blunt, J. W.   A 120th USCI    
Cheatham, William 1st Sgt. D 118th USCI    
Dixon, Daniel Pvt I 118th USCI 9/27/1864 Owensboro, KY
Dixon, William *** 1st Sgt D 118th USCI 8/25/1864 Owensboro, KY
Dixon, William *** Pvt D 118th USCI 8/25/1864 Owensboro, KY
Fox, Benjamin Cpl H 8th USCHA 6/6/1864 Pahucah, KY
Gibson, Weston   K 23rd USCI    
Green, Humphry Pvt D 120th USCI    
Green, Jacob * Pvt E 4th USCHA    
Green, Ottaway * Pvt C 118th USCI    
Hays, Jordan Cpl H 107th USCI 8/30/1864 Louisville, KY
Johnson, Edmund * Pvt H 8th USCHA 6/8/1864 Paducah, KY
Lambert, Anderson Pvt H 118th USCI 9/24/1864 Owensboro, KY
Powell, Archie Pvt B 118th USCI 8/23/1864 Owensboro, KY
Simpson, Garland Pvt I 118th USCI 9/23/1864 Owensboro, KY
Sutton, Lewis * Pvt H 118th USCI 9/20/1864 Owensboro, KY
Williamson, George   E 118th USCI    
Wilson, Richard B.   E 5th USCC    

* Members of the Free Will Baptist Church, Corydon, Kentucky


** It was reported that he was a Civil War veteran but records to date have not been located to determine the company in which he served.

*** The reference material used had two listings for the name William Dixon; therefore both were listed in this report.

NOTE: The United Brothers of Friendship Lodge was organized in Louisville, Kentucky in 1861 by men of African descent - some slave, some free. Lodges thereafter were organized throughout the United States, Canada and the West Indies.

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