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Unknown Resting Places

Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Burial site unknown.  The veterans listed here may not be the person named on the mechanicsburg vietnam veterans association or the cumberland county veteran services list.

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Colonel Arthur S Cunningham, USAF (Ret)
New Oxford, Pennsylvania


Private, Company B, E, 4th. Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery, enl. 25 Jun. 1862, disc. 26 Jun. 1863, re-enl. 9 Aug. 1864, Company B, 21st Regiment, Veterans Reserve Corps, disc. 14 Nov. 1865, died 24 Jul. 1894. Cumberland County Veteran Services has him buried in Lincoln Colored Cemetery, Upper Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. They were unable to locate the grave.  I find no evidence to support this conclusion. See PART 1: THE SOLDIERS, RANSOM E. BABCOCK


Private, Company D, 43rd  Regiment, USCT, enl. 20 Mar. 1864, deserted 18 Apr. 1864 while enroute from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Baltimore, Maryland.  Carried on rolls as a deserter from 18 Apr. 1864 until he was dropped from the rolls as a deserter on 20 Oct. 1864 when the regiment was mustered out. Date of death and place of burial unknown. 


Cumberland County Veteran Services places Henry Butler as a member of Company A, 8th Regiment, USCT, enl. 13 Aug. 1863, disc. 1 Mar. 1864, born 18 Oct. 1799, died 3 Jan. 1864, bur. In Lincoln Colored Cemetery, Upper Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  This information cannot be true.  See PART 2: RANK AND FILE, HENRY BUTLER.


I found no veteran named ENOCH COOK or ENOCH S. COOK named in the rolls of the USCT. I do not believe the ENOCH S. COOK buried in the Lincoln Colored Cemetery, Upper Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania is a Civil War Veteran. See PART 2; RANK AND FILE, ENOCH S. COOK.


I found three REUBEN JACKSONS in the rolls of the United States Colored Regiments but none of them seem to have any connection to Pennsylvania. Based on the obituary of the REUBEN W. JACKSON who is buried in Lincoln Cemetery, I do not believe that he is a Civil War Veteran nor that he is one of the men whose name I found. See PART 2: RANK AND FILE, REUBEN W. JACKSON.


I have found no evidence to support the claim that GEORGE W. RILEY was a Veteran of the Civil War. See PART 2: RANK AND FILE, GEORGE W. RILEY.

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