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Baton Rouge, March 10, 1863.

1. The following are the troops to remain in Baton Rouge during the proposed movement, viz: Forty-first Massachusetts Regiment, One hundred and seventy-third and One hundred and seventy-fifth New York Regiments, Third Louisiana Native Guards, Twelfth Massachusetts Battery, Company B, Massachusetts cavalry, Eighteenth New York Battery.

These troops, with the post of Baton Rouge, are hereby placed under the command of Col. T. E. Chickering, of the Forty-first Massachusetts Regiment, to whom the commanders of the other regiments, batteries, and companies above named will report for orders. Colonel Chickering will arrange his command in such a manner as to protect the Government property left here so far as it can be done consistently with the safety of the post. In the absence of Colonel Chickering the senior officer present will take command.

2. The following will be the order of march:

I. The advance guard, under General Grover? consisting of the Fourth Division and three companies of cavalry, Companies C, D, E, First Louisiana Cavalry. General Grover will make the proper disposition of his forces for the advance. He will send on the Clinton plank road one regiment of infantry, one section of artillery, and Company E, Louisiana cavalry, all properly disposed. This detachment will keep abreast of the advance guard on the Bayou Sara road, and will keep up communication therewith by means of the cavalry.

II. The companies (B, C, D, and E) of the Second Rhode Island Cavalry, under the command of Major Robinson. This body to immediately precede General Emory's division. Major Robinson will report to General Emory and be under his directions until farther orders. 

III. General Emory's division, followed by the artillery of the division. This body will habitually keep at a distance of three to four miles in rear of General Grover's division. General Emory will keep the necessary detachments of flankers on the flanks of his part of the column.

lV. General Augur's division, followed by the Reserve Artillery. General Augur will keep the necessary detachments of flankers on each flank of his column.

V. The division, brigade, and regimental wagons, with an escort of Company A, Second Rhode Island Cavalry, and a regiment of infantry, to be furnished from General Augur's division. If found necessary, on application of the commander of the escort to these headquarters, or to General Emory, a section of artillery from the reserve or from General Emory's division will be furnished. The whole wagon train will be under the direction of Colonel Holabird, chief quartermaster. They will be arranged in brigade trains in the order of their regiments in column; in the division trains in order of the brigades in column, and in the whole train in the order of the divisions in the column. The wagons of the batteries will take place on the same principle. On encamping for the night the trains can be sent to their respective divisions, brigades, regiments, and batteries, again to resume their places as above indicated as the train is put in march. The train belonging to corps headquarters will lead the whole train. The ammunition trains will be concentrated, and will follow in the rear of the divisions to which they belong.

3. The commander of each division will receive from these headquarters one hour's notice of the time at which his division will be put in march, and will report the exact time at which his division is put in march to these headquarters.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

By command of Major-General Banks:


[15.] Assistant Adjutant-General.


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