Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Establishment of the Montford Point Marine Association, INC.

Gunnery Sergeant Elijah Abram, (USMC- Ret.)Vice President, Montford Point Marine Association

Twenty years following World War II, during August 1965, a reunion was organized by a group of enterprising Marine veterans and active duty Marines from Philadelphia. The purpose was to renew old friendships and share experiences of former comrades who received recruit training at Montford Point Camp Camp Lejeune, New River, N.C. This group, chaired by then Master Gunnery Sergeant, Brooks E. Gray, USMC, held a meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., and formulated and developed plans for a National Reunion. The response was overwhelming and consequently 400 Marines from all over the country convened at the Adelphia Hotel in Philadelphia; hence the establishment of the Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. a non-profit Veterans" organization; subsequently chartered in Pennsylvania, in 1966. Brooks E. Gray (founding father) was elected as the Association"s first National President.

Today the Association has 23 bona-fide Chapters throughout the various regions of the United States and Japan additionally the Ladies Auxiliary boasts several Chapters. The MPMA Inc. is an affiliate member of the Marine Corps Council (a family council of Marine Veteran Groups). Annual reunions are held to affirm their bonds to Marine Corps; present awards and testimonials; expand its interest and service in civic programs; provide fiscal scholarship support and other benevolent essentials. Our creed amply reflects "TO PROMOTE AND PRESERVE THE STRONG BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP BORN FROM SHARED ADVERSITIES AND TO DEVOTE OURSELVES TO THE FURTHERANCE OF THESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS TO ENSURE MORE PEACEFUL TIMES."

For our fallen comrades, servicemen and servicewomen in other branches of the military, who have sacrificed their lives for the defense and freedom of America, we pay a special homage, now and in the future. For their worthy sacrifices we proudly express.


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