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98th Regiment

98th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry

Organized April 4, 1864, from 4th Corps de Afrique Engineers. Attached to Engineer Brigade, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1864. Defences of New Orleans, Dept. of the Gulf, to October, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, United States Colored Troops, Dept. of the Gulf, to November, 1864. District of LaFourche, Dept. of the Gulf, to August, 1865.

SERVICE.-Stationed at Brashear City, Berwick City and New Orleans till June, 1864. In District of Carrollton till July 1864. At Greenville till September, 1864. At Plaquemine till February, 1865. At Brashear City and in the District of LaFourche till August, 1865. Consolidated with 78th United States Colored Troops August 26, 1865.

Predecessor unit:

Corps De Afrique.-United States Colored Volunteers.
4th Regiment Engineers.

Organized at New Orleans, La., September 3, 1863. Attached to Engineer Brigade, Dept. of the Gulf, to April, 1864. Stationed at New Orleans, Brashear City and Berwick City. Designation of Regiment changed to 98th United States Colored Troops April 4, 1864 (which see).

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