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In the Field, N. C., April 28, 1865.

The division will move on the main Smithfield road toward Goldsborough to-morrow morning at 7 o'clock, and in the following order: Third Brigade, Second Brigade, two regiments of First Brigade, ambulances, two companies from First Brigade, wagon train, eight companies from First Brigade. The head of the column of the Third Brigade will be on the road promptly at 7 o'clock. On the march brigade commanders will be held responsible that their time agrees with division time. The commanding officer of the leading brigade will see that a guard is left at every house, with instructions to remain until the wagon train has passed, and allow no one to interfere in the slightest degree with the persons or property of the residents. The march will be conducted as if in a friendly country. No animal food, forage, or other article will be taken from the country without permission from division headquarters. No fire-arms will be discharged and no straggling from the column allowed. It is made the duty of every officer to arrest everyone found straggling or firing, whether he belongs to his own command or not. The two companies in rear of the ambulances will form the rear guard of the division, and will be under the command of a selected field officer, who shall report at division headquarters for instructions. Brigade commanders will also detail rear guards for their respective commands. Two days' rations will be drawn and issued to the troops to-day.

By command of Brig. Gen. C. J. Paine:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


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