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HDQRS. Defenses of Bermuda Hundred, VA.,

Army of the James,
December 30, 1864.

 Col. H. C. WARD,
Comdg. Third Brig., Second Div., Twenty.fifth Army Corps:

COLONEL: You will at once, on the receipt of this order, proceed with your command and report to Major-General Weitzel, commanding the Twenty-fifth Army Corps, Army of the James. You will take your baggage, camp and garrison equipage, &c. You will give strict orders to have your camps left unmolested, and as clean as possible, as they will be occupied by the troops relieving you. Regimental commanders will be held personally responsible that this order is complied with. Your pickets will be relieved this p.m. by a detail from the troops relieving you, and you will order your brigade officer of the day to remain and assist the new command in relieving them, and as soon as they are relieved to proceed to rejoin you.

By order of Brevet Major-General Ferrero:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

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