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Simon Simeon West Company M

Simon Simeon West

Company M, 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment

Submitted by Glenda Todd

SOURCE: Civil War Pension Record, Simon Simeon West, National Archives, Washington, D. C.

Simon West was born 24 Mar 1834, in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia to Edward and Charlotte West. During his life he lived in Rome, GA about 15 years, Atlanta, GA 5 years, Washington DC 2 years, Chattanooga, TN 4 years, Elijah, GA 3 years, Dalton, GA, 3 years and Cleveland, Ohio. He married Eliza Brown on 23 Feb 1905, in Atlanta, Cobb County, Georgia and had previously had other wives. Their marriage ceremony was performed by Henry Simmons. In August 1878, he married Mollie Wooley in Rome, Georgia, and their record of marriage was on file at the Courthouse in Rome, Georgia. He stated he was also married to Mary (last name unknown). A Katie West of 2667 East 31st Street in Cleveland, Ohio, tried to collect his pension but was told they were not married prior to 27 Jun 1905, and therefore she was not entitled to his pension. Simon stated Eliza had previously been married to Willie Brown on 8 Nov 1900 in Jacksonville, Florida.

On 1 September 1864, Simon West enlisted & mustered in as Undercook in Co. M in Rome, GA at age 26. He was also a Teamster. He stated he was in the hospital in Rome, Georgia from a shell wound to the right leg. He was discharged 15 June 1865.

According to Simon�s Declaration for Pension, he was Six feet tall, had black hair, black eyes and black complexion and was a farmer. His Certificate Number was 1027646.

On 23 Nov 1928, Eliza West wrote about a pension and stated when she and Simon were living in Dalton, Georgia, about September 1, 1916, she received notice of the death of her sister in South Georgia and she went to the funeral. She stated Simon objected to her going because he thought she wasn�t strong enough to make the trip and a dispute arose, resulting in their separation. She stated there was never any suit for divorce by either of them that she knew of and that after the separation, Simon West had left Dalton, Georgia and made his home in Cleveland, Ohio until the date of his death. She thought she was still eligible to draw his pension. She had already written them 10 May 1923 asking if he was still alive and drawing a pension because she had not heard from him since the separation.

On 13 April 1933, Mrs. Katie West wrote the Widow�s Division saying she had not received her pension and she thought she was entitled to it, and asked again for some assistance.

Simon stated he had the following children but did not say which wife they were by: Oscar West, born 3 April 1871; Eves West, 9 June 1897; and Ruby West, 17 Aug 1906.

Simon West died 25 Jan 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. E. J. Gunn stated on his Death Certificate he died from "Bronchopneumonia and Cerebral Hemorrhage and he had had Acute Bronchitis and left Hemiplegia" for two years. He was married to Katie West at the time of his death. His funeral was directed by H.M. Cargould & Company Funeral Directors for $135.00. His Death Certificate stated he was buried in Highland Park in Cleveland, Ohio.









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