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Black Army

Black Army/Air Corps Units Stationed in the United Kingdom

(as of 31 August 1944)
Researched and submitted by Phil Grinton

        Location                       Unit
        Abbots Ripton         1708 Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Abbots Ripton         1840 Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Aldermaston            2142 Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon (Aviation)
        Anstey                     658 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Ashchurch               3005 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Ashchurch               3008 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Ashdown Park        17 Special Services Company
        Ashdown Park        1513 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Ashdown Park        1586 Quartermaster Group (Aviation)
        Ashdown Park        1933 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Ashdown Park        1957 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Ashdown Park        2044 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Ashdown Park        2047 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Ashurst Camp        596 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Ashwater                3136 Quartermaster Service Company
        Avonmouth            701 Medical Sanitation Company
        Barry                     322 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     323 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     513 Port Battalion (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     546 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     559 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     584 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     643 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     644 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     646 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Barry                     3134 Quartermaster Service Company
        Barry                     3172 Quartermaster Service Company
        Bassingstoke        961 Quartermaster Service Company
        Baverstock           1944 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Baverstock           1947 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Bickham                631 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Bill Hill                  854 Quartermaster Fumigation & Bath Company
        Birkenhead           Ordnance Depot O�630 (633?)
        Blandford              522 GH (General Hospital?) Comp U
        Boughton              3130 Quartermaster Service Company
        Boughton              3189 Quartermaster Service Company
        Bournemouth       366 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Bournemouth       3439 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Bovey Tracey     Quartermaster Depot Q-323 (petroleum, oils, lubricants)
        Bovey Tracey     434 Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company
        Bradford-on-Avon     3198 Quartermaster Service Company
        Bristol                 304  Quartermaster Battalion
        Bristol                Ordnance Depot O637
        Bristol                 954 Quartermaster Service Company
        Bristol                 962 Quartermaster Service Company
        Bristol                 1512 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Bristol                 1929 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Bristol                 2022 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Brockenhurst     611 Quartermaster Battalion
        Bromwich (Castle Bromwich?)     4031 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Buckfastleigh     3224 Quartermaster Service Company
        Bures                  1950 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Bures                  1966 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Burghclere         398 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Burley                415 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Cardiff               433 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Cardiff               670 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Castle Cary       651 Ordnance Company (Ammunition)
        Cheddington      381 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Chef du Pont     306 Quartermaster Railhead Company

        Claes Farm       544 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Cludy (Claudy?)  Chemical Warfare Service Depot C910
        Coleford           755 Chemical Depot Company (Aviation)
        Coleford           759 Chemical Depot Company (Aviation)
        Corfe Mullen   428 ASF Band
        Corfe Mullen   1317 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Cosham            245 Quartermaster Battalion
        Cosham            303 Quartermaster Battalion
        Cosham            3249 Quartermaster Service Company
        Crookston        3077 Ordnance Motor Vehicle Distributing Company
        Deves               548 Quartermaster Battalion
        Doddington      178 Engineer Combat Battalion
        Dorchester       212 Quartermaster Maintenance Battalion
        Dorchester       988 Quartermaster Service Company
        Dorchester       3026 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Eastnor             575 Quartermaster Railhead Company
        Eastnor             657 Ordnance Company (Ammunition)
        Eastover           356 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Egginton           761 Chemical Depot Company (Aviation)
        Egginton           762 Chemical Depot Company (Aviation)
        Egginton           1519 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Egginton           2030 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Egginton           2032 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Egginton           2085 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Egginton           2091 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Egginton           2103 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Everleigh          3397 Quartermaster Truck Company (TC)
        Fairford            686 GH (General Hospital?) Compl U
        Fleet                 383 Engineer Battalion (Separate)
        Fleet                 1349 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Fraddon            3859 Quartermaster GS Company
        Great Dunmow 3123 Quartermaster Service Company
        Great Dunmow 4193 Quartermaster Sterilization Company
        Grove                1954 Ordnance Depot Company
        Grovely Woods 2016 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Hainault            Transportation Corps Depot TC201
        Higham Heath  1514 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Higham Heath  1946 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Higham Heath  2034 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Higham Heath  2055 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Higham Heath  2056 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Higham Heath  2057 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Hilsea               3254 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Hilsea               3267 Quartermaster Service Company
        Hitcham           1459 Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Hitcham           1717 Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Honeybourne  3248 Quartermaster Service Company
        Hull                 641 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Hull                 642 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Hursley          104 Quartermaster Battalion M TC
        Hursley Camp 446 Quartermaster Trp T Company
        Hursley Camp 3896 Quartermaster GS Company
        Huyton           1907 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Huyton           1908 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Huyton           1965 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Huyton           1997 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Huyton           2005 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Huyton           2104 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Huyton           3117 Quartermaster Service Company
        Huyton           4192 Quartermaster Service Company
        Inwood House 3458 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Kettering       269 Quartermaster Bakery Company

        Kettering       270 Quartermaster Bakery Company
        Kettering       271 Quartermaster Bakery Company
        Kettering       416 Quartermaster Bakery Company
        Kettering       668 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Kettering       3002 Quartermaster Bakery Company
        Kettering       3188 Quartermaster Service Company
        Kettering       4355 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Kettering       4357 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Kettering       4359 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Kettering       4363 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Kingham        655 Ordnance Company (Ammunition)
        Kingsclere     571 Quartermaster Battalion
        Kingsclere     4358 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Kingston Russell     3858 Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company
        Kingston Russell     4091 Quartermaster Service Company
        Kinson           461 Quartermaster Laundry Company
        Kinson           629 Quartermaster Battalion
        Knockmore   Ordnance Depot O601
        Lockerly        974 Quartermaster Service Company
        London          3131 Quartermaster Service Company
        Ludgershall   3002 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Lydney          592 Quartermaster S R Company SM
        Lymington     3459 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Maghull        521 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Maghull        521 Quartermaster Battalion M
        Maghull        575 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Maghull        598 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Maghull        599 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Maghull       4032 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Maghull       4401 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maghull       4402 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maghull       4403 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maghull       4404 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maghull       4405 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maghull       4406 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maiden Newton     3225 Quartermaster Service Company
        Maiden Newton     3457 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Maindy Barracks     580 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Malpas                 532 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Malpas                 533 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Malpas                 581 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Marlborough       85 Chemical Company S G
        Marlborough       86 Chemical Company S G
        Marlborough      165 Chemical Company S G
        Marlborough      171 Chemical Company S G
        Marlborough      397 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Marlborough      628 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Marlborough      3257 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Marston Magna     70 Ordnance Battalion
        Marston Magna     3137 Quartermaster Service Company
        Martinstown      396 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Martinstown      3436 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Martock            1222 Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon
        Membury          2141 Engineer Fire Fighting Platoon (Aviation)
        Merryfield        705 Medical Sanitation Company
        Millbrook         703 Medical Sanitation Company
        Millbrook Camp     740 Medical Sanitation Company
        Moreton-on-Lugg   115 Army Postal Unit
        Mumbles          Transportation Corps Mar(ine?) Operations TC
        Neaton              1720 Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Neaton              1727 Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Nether Wallop 1938 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Nether Wallop 1945 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Nether Wallop 1949 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Nether Wallop 1958 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Newbury           154 Quartermaster Laundry Platoon

        Newbury           3016 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Newton Abbot  216 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Newton Abbot  386 Port Battalion (Transportation Corps)
        Nine Yews        777 Field Artillery Battalion (4.5 inch Gun)
        Nine Yews        761 Tank Battalion
        North Stoke     1451 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Northington      174 Quartermaster Battalion M TC
        Northwood House     320 Engineer Combat Battalion
        Oakhill             32 Chemical Decontamination Company
        Oakley             847 Engineer Aviation Battalion
        Oakridge Farm     1371 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Oakridge Farm     1372 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Oakridge Farm     1373 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Orchardleigh         535 Signal Construction Company H
        Otterbourne          307 Quartermaster Railhead Company
        Otterbourne         1970 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Otterbourne         2024 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Otterbourne         3226 Quartermaster Service Company
        Park House         687 Quartermaster Battalion
        Park House         3186 Quartermaster Service Company
        Penkridge            614 Tank Destroyer Battalion (Towed)
        Plymouth             336 Harbor Craft Company
        Plymouth             594 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Plymouth             595 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Plymouth             597 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Plymouth            3437 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Plympton            541 Quartermaster Battalion
        Plympton            990 Quartermaster Service Company
        Plympton            3222 Quartermaster Service Company
        Plympton            3223 Quartermaster Service Company
        Plymstock          4351 Quartermaster Bakery Company (M)
        Poole                  600 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Poole                  645 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Porton                4030 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Poverty Lane    669 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Romsey             1517 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Romsey             2023 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Rushden            489 Ordnance Evacuation Company
        Sandbanks        261 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Seamills Camp     362 Port Battalion (Transportation Corps)
        Seamills Camp     583 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Seamills Camp     648 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Shepton Mallet     49 Quartermaster Battalion M
        Sherborne         3438 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Shirehampton   542 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Shirehampton   543 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    258 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    259 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    260 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    320 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    321 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    499 Port Battalion (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    552 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    554 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    587 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    601 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    602 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    625 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    629 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    630 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    640 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Southampton    646 Quartermaster Truck Company

        St Agnes          3197 Quartermaster Service Company
        St Agnes          3247 Quartermaster Service Company
        St Sauveur       900 Quartermaster Laundry Company
        Stallingborough     586 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Stanley Hall          26 Quartermaster Battalion M
        Stanley Hall          122 Quartermaster Battalion M
        Stanley Hall          642 Quartermaster Trp T Company
        Stowmarket          953 Quartermaster Service Company
        Stowmarket          3128 Quartermaster Service Company
        Sudbury                1962 Ordnance Depot Company
        Sudbury                3220 Quartermaster Service Company
        Sudbury                3238 Quartermaster Service Company
        Sudbury                3241 Quartermaster Service Company
        Sudbury Staff       152 Army Post Unit
        Sudbury Staff       229 Quartermaster Salvage C Company
        Sudbury Staff       613 Quartermaster Depot Company S
        Sudbury Staff       659 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Sudbury Staff       682 GH (General Hospital?) Compl U
        Sudbury Staff       3190 Quartermaster Service Company
        Taunton                112 Army Postal Unit Type F
        Taunton                511 Army Postal Unit Type F
        Taunton               569 Quartermaster Battalion
        Taunton               867 Quartermaster Fumigation & Bath Company
        Tavistock            964 Quartermaster Service Company
        Teddington         3133 Quartermaster Service Company
        Teddington         3550 Ordnance Medium Auto Maintenance Company
        Tetton Park (Kingston)     402 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tetton Park (Kingston)     403 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tetton Park (Kingston)     667 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tetton Park (Kingston)     3414 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tetton Park (Kingston)     3440 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tetton Park (Kingston)     4029 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tewkesbury                     3264 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Thatcham                         573 Quartermaster Railhead Company
        Tidworth         105 Quartermaster Battalion M
        Tidworth         558 Quartermaster Battalion
        Tidworth         577 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Tidworth         3001 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Tidworth         3187 Quartermaster Service Company
        Tidworth         3259 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Tidworth         3260 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Tidworth         3289 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Tidworth         3313 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Tidworth         3434 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Torquay         375 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Tostock Park     1516 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
        Tostock Park     1968 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Tostock Park     1969 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Tostock Park     2019 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Tredegar Park   531 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Troston 1736     Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Troston 1839     Ordnance Medium Maint Company (Aviation)
        Walditch             581 Engineer Company (Dump Truck)
        Warminster       3258 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Warminster       3261 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Warminster       3262 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Warminster       3265 Ordnance Base Depot Company
        Watton Norfolk     859 Engineer Aviation Battalion
        Wem                 3191 Quartermaster Service Company
        Wem                 3212 Quartermaster Service Company
        West Moors    Quartermaster Depot Q-328 (petroleum, oils, lubricants)
        West Moors    4059 Quartermaster Service Company
        Westbury         237 Quartermaster Salvage C Company
        Westbury         960 Quartermaster Service Company

        Westbury         3435 Quartermaster Truck Company
        Wetherden       923 Engineer Aviation Regiment
        Weybread        827 Engineer Aviation Battalion
        Weyhill            647 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
        Weymouth      724 Medical Sanitation Company
        Weymouth      1313 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Weymouth      3227 Quartermaster Service Company
        Whitchurch     354 Engineer General Service Regiment
        Williamstrip   1961 Ordnance Depot Company
        Wimborne      433 Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company
        Wimborne (Wimborne Minster?)     1234 Engineer Fire Fighting Section
        Witney           457 Quartermaster Laundry Company
        Wortley         1912 Ordnance Company (Ammunition)
        Wylye            1994 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
        Wylye            2028 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)

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