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Black Army

Black Army/Air Corps Units Stationed in the United Kingdom

(as of 2 May 1945)
Researched and submitted by Phil Grinton

Location                     Unit

Ampfield H(ouse?)             3896 Quartermaster Gasoline Supply Company
Arthingworth                      2085 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Barry                                  596 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Barry                                  3226 Quartermaster Service Company
Baverstock                        1944 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Baverstock                        2022 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Birmingham                       6888 Central Postal Detachment
Blandford                           522 General Hospital Complementary Unit
Braehead                           724 Medical Sanitation Company
Bristol                                1512 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
Bristol                                1929 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Bristol                                1947 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Bristol                                1969 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Bures                                 2005 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Cardiff                               433 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Cardiff                               701 Medical Sanitation Company
Claes Farm                        644 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Cottingham                        477 Port Battalion (Transportation Corps)
Cottingham                        641 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Cottingham                        642 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Crookston                         705 Medical Sanitation Company
Dover                                740 Medical Sanitation Company
Eccles                                1514 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
Eccles                                2034 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Eccles                                2055 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Eccles                                2056 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Eccles                                2057 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Eccles                                2103 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Fairford                             686 General Hospital Complementary Unit
Grovely Woods                1929 Ordnance Ammunition Company (Aviation)
Grovely Woods                1968 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Histon                               3189 Quartermaster Service Company
Honeybourne                   3248 Quartermaster Service Company
Hull                                  598 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Huyton                             1576 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
Huyton                             1907 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Huyton                             1908 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Huyton                             1965 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Huyton                             1997 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Lydney                             3188 Quartermaster Service Company
Maghull                           599 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Newport                           643 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Poole                                321 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Seaforth Barracks          4192 Quartermaster Service Company
Shirehampton                  648 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Southampton                   320 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Southampton                   552 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Southampton                   554 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Southampton                   575 Port Company (Transportation Corps)
Southampton                   703 Medical Sanitation Company
Stafford                           1329 Engineer General Service Regiment
Sudbury                           1519 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
Sudbury                           2030 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Sudbury                           2032 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Sudbury                           2091 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Sudbury Staff                  682 General Hospital Complementary Unit
Sudbury Staff                  3190 Quartermaster Service Company
Sudbury Staff                  3237 Quartermaster Service Company
Taunton                           115 Army Postal Unit Type F

Taunton                           152 Army Postal Unit Type F
Taunton                           248 Quartermaster Laundry Section
Taunton                           249 Quartermaster Laundry Section
Taunton                           511 Army Postal Unit Type F
Taunton                           3224 Quartermaster Service Company
Tisbury                            1332 Engineer General Service Regiment
Tostock Park                  1517 Quartermaster Battalion M (Aviation)
Tostock Park                  1970 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Tostock Park                  2023 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Tostock Park                  2024 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Tostock Park                  2104 Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation)
Wem                                3143 Quartermaster Service Company
West Moors                   Quartermaster Depot Q328 (Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants)
West Moors                   3235 Quartermaster Service Company
West Moors                   4212 Quartermaster Service Company
Westbury                        4211 Quartermaster Service Company
Weybread                       827 Engineer Battalion (Aviation)
Wortley                           1912 Ordnance Ammunition Company (Aviation)


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