Majors & Academic Programs

College of Virginia Beach
Accelerated Nursing Program, BS
Educational Leadership, MA
Hotel and Resort Management, BS
Nursing Program LPN to BS, BS
Nursing Program RN to BS, BS
Food Service Manager
Graduate College
Applied Mathematics - Computational Mathematics, MS
Applied Mathematics - Nonlinear Science, MS
Applied Mathematics - Statistics and Probability, MS
Architecture, MR
Atmospheric Science, MS
Atmospheric Science, PHD
Biology, MS
Biology - Environmental Science, MS
Biology 6-12, MT
Business Administration, MBA
Business Administration (Hybrid Residential and Online), PhD
Chemistry, MS
Communicative Sciences and Disorders, MA
Computer Science, MS
Counseling, EDS
Counseling - Addictions, MA
Counseling - Community Mental Health, MA
Counseling - General (Online or Residential), MA
Counseling - Pastoral, MA
Counseling - School, MA
Counseling - Student Affairs, MA
Counselor Education and Supervision (Online), PHD
Cyber Security (Online), MS
Educational Management (Online), PHD
Medical Science, MS
Nursing - Administration (Advanced Adult, Community Health, Psychiatric), MS
Nursing - Education (Advanced Adult, Community Health, Psychiatric), MS
Physical Therapy, DPT
Physics - Medical, MS
Physics - Nuclear, MS
Physics - Optical, MS
Physics - Plasma, MS
Physics, Medical, PHD
Physics, Nuclear, PHD
Physics, Optical, PHD
Physics, Plasma, PHD
Planetary Science, MS
Planetary Science, PHD
Religious Studies - Executive Ministry, M.Div
Religious Studies - Pastoral Leadership, M.Div
Religious Studies - Theological Studies, MA
Religious Studies - Worship Studies, MA
Sport Administration - Intercollegiate Sport, MS
Sport Administration - International Sport, MS
Sport Administration - Organizational Behavior and Sport Business Leadership, MS
Teaching - Biology 6-12, MT
Teaching - English 6-12, MT
Teaching - Math 6-12, MT
Teaching - Music PK-12, MT
School of Business
Accounting, BS
Business Administration, BS
Business Administration, MBA
Business Administration, PhD
Economics, BS
Entrepreneurship, BS
Finance, BS
Management, BS
Marketing, BS
School of Engineering & Technology
Aviation Management, BS
Aviation Management - Administration, BS
Aviation Management - Air Traffic Control, BS
Chemical Engineering, BS
Computer Engineering, BS
Electrical Engineering, BS
Flight Education, BS
School of Liberal Arts & Education
Counseling - Community Agency Counseling, MA
Counseling - Counselor Education - coming soon, PhD
Counseling - Interdisciplinary Studies, BA
Counseling - Pastoral Counseling, MA
Counseling - School Counseling, MA
Counseling - Student Affairs, College Student Development, MA
Criminal Justice, BS
Education - Community Agency, MA
Education - Community Agency Counseling, MA
Education - Educational Leadership, MA
Education - Educational Management, PhD
Education - Elementary Education, MA
Education - Master of Teaching (English 6-12, Mathematics -Secondary- 6-12, Music 6-12), MA
Education - Pastoral Counseling, MA
Education - School Counseling, MA
Education - Student Affairs, College Student Development, MA
English, BA
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation - Aquatics Concentration
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation - Kinesiology, BS
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation - Recreation & Tourism Management, BS
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation - Sport Administration - coming soon, MA
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation - Sports Management, BS
History, BA
International Studies, BA
Liberal Studies, BA
Music - Audio Production, BS
Music Education Pre-Certification, BA/MT
Music Performance Emphasis, BA
Music Recording Technology, BS
Political Science, BA
Psychology - Marriage and Family Concentration
Psychology - Psychology, BA
Psychology - Psychology (Coming Soon), MS
Sociology, BA
Technical Theatre, BA
Theatre Arts, BA
Theatre Arts - Performance, BA
Army ROTC, commissioning as Second Lieutenants
Art - Technical Theatre
Art - Theatre Performance
Cinema Studies
Fine and Performing Arts
Pre-Law Track
School of Nursing
Nursing, BS
RN to BS, BS
School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy, PMD
Pharmacy - First Professional, PMD
School of Science
Biochemistry, BS
Biology, BS
Chemistry, BS
Chemistry, MS
Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry option, BS
Communicative Science and Disorder, BA
Computer Information Systems, BS
Computer Science, BS
Marine and Environmental Science, BS
Mathematics, BS
Naval Science, BS
Physics, BS
Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications
Journalism, BA
Strategic Communications, BA