Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
					Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

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  1. Ayers Case Provisions Not Included in Report From State Institutes ofHigher Learning  By Earnest McBride
  2. Battle of Vicksburg Being Fought Again Over Recognition of Black Civil War Troops
  3. Land Loss summit seeking to stem national decline in Black land claims
  4. Underground Railroad Marker Dedication
  5. Fort Duncan
  6. Afromestizo - The Third Root
  7. Association of the "2221" Negro Volunteers - World War II
  8. Martin Robison Delany Monument Dedication
  9. First Alabama Cavalry U.S.A.: Homage to Patriotism
  11. Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Braintrust - Gala Reception and Awards Ceremony
  13. THE WARRIORS - Descendants of Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts
  14. Will Raspberry, 'Buffalo Soldier'
  15. Engagements by the Buffalo Soldiers and Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts
  16. Black Seminole Indian Scout Cleanup
  17. Roster of Officers of the 38th and 39th United States Infantry Regiments
  18. Roster of Officers of the 40th and 41st United States Infantry Regiments
  19. Officers and Enlisted Men of the 9th United States Cavalry Regiment - 1910
  20. Roster of Officers of the 9th and 10th United States Cavalry Regiments - July 28, 1866
  21. 127th Annual Seminole Indian Scouts Reunion Keynote Address
  22. Special Announcement About Master Sergeant Joseph Simmons
  23. Montford Point Marine Association - Beaufort Chapter - September 1999 Newsletter
  24. Where are the Randolphs: A Surnaming Question
  25. Third Annual Ohio Underground Railroad Summit Sandusky, Ohio - Oct 17-18, 1998
  26. Augusta Woman Gathers African-American Records for Bracken County
  27. African Americans and Radio - Overview Part 4
  28. African Americans and Radio - Overview Further Reading
  29. African Americans And Early Radio
  30. Margaret Garner Archeological Project
  31. A History of My People
  32. Black Farmers: Caught In the Crosshairs of Justice
  33. The Flags (from the Column Up and Down Farish Street)
  34. World War II and the Later Years - from the Column 'Up and Down Farish Street'
  35. Fort Pillow
  36. John Newton Templeton - First African-American Graduate of Ohio University
  37. Majzun Receives First Underground Railroad Museum Scholarship Funds
  38. Origins of the Melungeon Appalachian Sub-Culture
  39. Trail Rides Along the Underground Railroad Make a Good Day Trip
  41. William "Uncle Billy" Peyton (1792-1919)
  42. Barlow Underground Railroad Station
  43. Cajoe Phillips
  44. Underground Railroad Museum
  45. Slave Wages
  46. Economic Empowerment
  47. The Maysville (Kentucky) Ledger-Independent.