Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
					Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

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  3. Battle of Vicksburg Being Fought Again Over Recognition of Black Civil War Troops
  4. National Park Service Refuses to Give Black Civil War Soldiers FullCredit
  5. Afromestizo - The Third Root
  6. Afromestizo - The Third Root
  7. Lewis A. Jackson, Ph.D - Aviation Pioneer - Innovator - Educator - Administrator
  8. The Tuskegee Army Airfield
  10. Black Airmen in World War II - 1941-1945
  11. BIO - Master Sergeant James A. Shepard
  12. Tuskegee Airmen Memorial
  13. A Dream of Wings
  14. National Airmen Association of America
  15. The Camp - Fort Clark Spring, Texas
  16. 25TH U.S. INFANTRY
  17. The Navy's Change of Policy
  18. Anna Mac Clarke - Answering the Call to Arms
  19. NATIONAL AIRMEN ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA ...before the Tuskegee Airmen
  20. MONTFORD POINT MARINE ASSOCIATION, Inc. (MPMA) Overview and Application
  22. Moton Field Aviation Cadets - Class SE-43-F
  23. Moton Field
  24. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  25. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  26. 941st Guard Squadron
  27. Source of Select Tuskegee Airmen Documents
  28. 689th Signal Aircraft Warning Company
  29. Lieutenant Colonel Noel F. Parrish - Commander - Tuskegee Army Air Field 1942-3
  30. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  31. Detachment Medical Department - 1942 - Tuskegee Army Flying School
  32. Tuskegee Army Flying School - 890th Single Engine Flying Training Squadron
  33. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  34. History of the Tuskegee Army Flying School
  35. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  36. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  37. 318th Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron
  38. Sub - Depot - Chemical Warfare Service - Warrant Officers - 1942
  39. Tuskegee Army Flying School - 648th Ordnance Company
  40. 889th Basic Flying Training Squadron
  41. Tuskegee Army Flying School - 313th Army Air Forces Band
  42. 717th Signal Aircraft Warning Company
  43. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  44. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  45. Tuskegee Army Flying School - 1451st Quartermaster Company
  46. Ninety Second Infantry Division
  47. Women of Courage
  49. A Dream of Wings
  50. Yanks Downunder - Where were you in '42?
  51. 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment - Enlisted Personnel
  52. 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment - Supervisors
  53. 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment - Staff
  54. 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment - Flight Instructors
  55. 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment - Department Heads
  56. The Montford Point Marines Worked and Fought on Iwo Jima
  57. Legion of Merit Awards
  58. Soldier's Medal for Heroism
  59. A Brief History of the 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment
  60. Tuskegee Army Flying School - 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment
  61. Tuskegee Army Flying School
  62. 66th Army Air Forces Flight Training Detachment - At Work and Play
  63. Anna Mac Clarke, Postscript
  64. Anna Mac Clarke, World War II and the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
  65. Chosen Few "the Men from Montford Point"
  66. Letter - Elijah Abram
  67. Montford Point Marine Association, INC. (MPMA)
  68. The History of the Chosen Few
  69. Civil War Vets Reynolds, Norris & Parker last to live in Muskingum County
  70. African American and Radio - Overview Part 3
  71. The Flags (from the Column Up and Down Farish Street)
  72. Black Maritime History Runs Deep
  73. History of Milam County, Texas - War Dead is Being Written
  74. Civil War Vets