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Nancy Hall Sweet Potato

Here You Are

"Nancy Hall" Sweet Potato Plants To All Parts Of The United States By Parcel Post

Researched and posted by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

SOURCE: (Advertisement) The Negro Farmer - Saturday, June 6, 1914. Published by the Negro Farmer Publishing Company, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. - Isaac Fisher, Editor and Business Manager

The "Nancy Hall" Potato is one of the sweetest, best flavored, mellowest, prettiest, best adapted for table use and best keeping Yam Potatos to be had. Plants are now ready for sale and shipment by W. E. Hebert, Bookkeeper at Farmers and Merchants Bank, Boley, Okla. Price 20 cents per hundred. Send all orders in care of or to The Farmers and Merchants Bank, Boley, Okla. Remittance must accompany orders and should be made by Bank Draft, Certified Check, P. O. Money Order, or Registered Mail; include postage if ordered by parcel post. Weight about 100 plants to the pound.

--Advertisement - June 6, 1914

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