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The Smith Underground Railroad Station

Cutler, Washington County, Ohio

Text and photos by Henry Robert Burke

The Smith farm Underground Railroad Station, located 1 mile south of Cutler in Decatur Township, Washington County, Ohio, on State Route 555, about 12 miles north of the Ohio River. James and Margaret Smith settled the property in 1834 and built a log cabin. In 1847, his son Joseph Smith built the house pictured here.

From 1834 through 1860 the Smith family operated the Underground Railroad Station called "Station No. 1" which assisted fugitive slaves from Virginia, that crossed the Ohio River twelve miles to the south at Sawyer-Curtis Station in Little Hocking.

During warm weather fugitive slaves were hidden in caves on the back part of the Smith farm. During cold weather, for warmth, fugitives slaves were hidden beside the chimney in the attic of the house.

The marker reads:

Underground Railroad Station No.1

1834 Little Hocking Southland Branch 1860
Agents James and Margaret Smith
Gave aid and comfort to more than 150 Runaway Slaves
Their sons, William, Alexander, John, Joseph and James who
served under the Union Flag in the Civil War

The Marker was erected in 1935 by Dr. Howard Smith a descendant of the Smith Family. The farm stayed in the Smith family for more than 110 years, then was purchased in 1947 by the Wells family who still occupy the property.

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