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1820 Census

The following heads of households appear on the 1820 Ross County (Ohio) Census and are marked either Black or Mullato.

Researched and compiled by Beverly Gray


Isaac Roberts
Mary Smith
Minta Day
Sidney Ash
Moses Freeman
John Roberts
Sarah Mason
Richard Lett or Lott
Perry Cohen
Charles Maho
Robert Pleasants
Robert Lane
Rosannah Nickens
Thomas Williams
Samuel Hill
William Bailey
James Wilkens
Charles Williams
Joseph Thomas
Ira Ellis
Roger Williams
James Richards
Samuel Carter
(James)Rose or Ross
Jacob Zimmerman
Richard Scott
James Nickins
Lina Gaimes
Peter Hackett
Peter James
Edward Jackson
James Wilkens 1 male and 1 Female
Edward Coleston
Nelson Piles
Nancy Wall
Harry Brown
George Curtis
Harry Smith
Harry Hitt
Moses Watson
Adam Brown
Evan Brown
Robert Bradley
John Roberts
Isaac Brown
Thomas Woods
Morris OFree
Polly Genay (Jennay)
Fanny White
Isaac Maho
Daniel Miskell
Jacob Brown
John Christel
Benjamin Hubbard 4
Jerremiah Scott
Joseph Robertson 10
Perry Anderson
Lewis Nickens
Sarah Mason 3
Mimory Russel1 Female over 45
Wins Hackett 1 male 45 over and one Female 45 over
Fanny D. Emmitt 8
Betty Baker 1 Female over 45


Toby Hicks 9
Anthony Williams
Simon Moody
Jacob Moore
Edward Wilson
Dianah K(b)ackwom Black Woman
Moses Ransom
Anthony Williams 2
Benjamin Ivey
Isaac Stanley
Amos Dandridge
Benjamin Jones
Joseph Bradley 2 0 1 0 2 0 0 1
David Kinney
David Ross


William Lyons


Adam Griffin Deerfield
Henry Jackson


Henry Miskell


Bartlett Davies


Richard Westfall


William Miles 5
Ezekiel Ross
Thomas Berry
Milly Miles
James Nickens 7 in household

SOURCE: Federal Census for Ross County Ohio - Microfilm - Ross County Public Library, Chillicothe, Ohio

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