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Through These Eyes - The Photographs Of P.H.Polk (Tuskegee University)

From: Evbozeman@aol.com

Hi To All Tuskegee University People,

Remember Mr. Polk? Well you should because he took our pictures for the year book. He also took a lot of other photos of some very famous people who worked at and visited Tuskegee.

Mr. Polk would have been one hundered years old this Nov. 25, 1998 had he lived. Try and see his Traveling show "Through These Eyes". Right now, its at the Birmingham, Alabama Civil Rights Institute, through August 9, 1998. I was in the area in July, I made my way there and enjoyed seeing his work. The Civil Rights Institute is also great a must see type place.

The show originated at the University Of Delaware, University Gallery. Not sure where its headed next, I was told it could possibly be Atlanta. Birmingham may be able to tell interested ones where its headed. I did have the Civil Rights Institute's E-Mail address, but I misplaced it. Just type in BCRI, just maybe it might come up.

Mr. Polk was born in Bessemer, Al. 1916. Finished Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute. From 1928 to 1938, he taught photography at Tuskegee. In 1933, he became the third head of the photography department. From 1939 until his death in 1984, he held the position of official photographer at Tuskegee University and having one of the few private studios in the Macon County area, also became a well-known portrait photographer during his lifetime.

I had intended to send this note along with the American Legacy note, forgot.

Well, in any case, hope some of you Tuskegee people are excited as I was. The people who graduated '84 and after may not remember Mr. Polk.

I have more background information on Mr. Polk and the show if any are interested. I am leaving for New Orleans Wednesday, August 5th. I will send the other notes when I return if any are interested. There was also a catalog of this show which maybe ordered from the University Of Delaware. E-Mail Belena. Chapp@MVSUDEL.EDU or [link expired]

Belena is the director of Museums at the University of Delaware.

E. DuBose-Bozeman

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