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African Americans and Radio - Overview Further Reading

An Overview
By Donna L. Halper

Assistant Professor of Communication
Lesley University
Cambridge Massachusetts

©2002. Donna L. Halper, Boston, Massachusetts

Further Reading

Various issues of old radio magazines from the 20s and 30s, such as "Radio Digest," "Radio Broadcast" and "Radio Stars" were used in this essay, as were articles from "Variety" and "Broadcasting". For information about the past several decades, I searched the Lexis/Nexis database, and used newspaper articles from the Boston Globe, Chicago Sun-Times, New York Times, and Washington Post as well several articles from "Billboard". A complete bibliography is available upon request...

The Jackson TN Sun series on the Civil Rights movement and the suppression of news can be found HERE

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My thanks to Dr. Marvin Bensman of the University of Memphis, for the information on Victor Laughter and W.C Handy. Dr Bensman has a radio archive at http://www.people.memphis.edu/~mbensman/

My thanks to the Chicago Historical Society, which holds an excellent collection of memorabilia about the life of Jack L. Cooper

Donna Halper

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