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African American Radio

By Donna L. Halper
  Assistant Professor of Communication
  Lesley University
  Cambridge, Massachusetts


Meet Donna L. Halper

Copyright � 2008. Donna L. Halper, Boston, Massachusetts


African Americans and Early Radio
African Americans and Radio - Overview
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Further Reading
The First African-American Radio Station Owner:  Jesse B. Blayton Sr.
Meet Donna L. Halper
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The Short Course by Donna Halper
Donna Halper and The Rush Discovery Story
Halper's History of Radio - Old Time Radio
African Americans and Radio by Donna Halper
African Americans and Early Radio by Donna Halper
Milestones of the Radio Age
Radio in 1939 - Halper's History of Radio - Old Time Radio
Broadcasting History Articles by Elizabeth McLeod
John Sheppard III, Some History by Donna Halper
A Radio First in Vinton Iowa by Donna Halper
Rembering the Ladies, A Salute to the Women of Early Radio.


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