Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Various Resting Places

Researched and submitted by Henry Burke, Marietta, Ohio

Dudley E. Asbury
Sgt. Maj., 101 Regt., USCI
Born: 1840, Washington County, Ohio
Married: Jennie Kirby - 2 Oct. 1880, Paris, Tenn.
Civ. Occupation: Minister, A.M.E.Church, Memphis, Tenn.
Died: 7 Feb. 1902
Buried: Memphis, Tenn.

John B. Asbury
Pvt., Co. G, 5 Regt., USCI
Born: 1828, West Liberty, Virginia (near Wheeling).
Married: Clarissa Cook
Wounded in the battle at "Deep Bottom, Virginia (Sept. 1864)
Died: 17 July 1894
Buried: Chester Hill, Ohio

Samuel Austin
Pvt., Co. C, 27 Regt., USCI
Born: Mason county, Ky. (slave of David Austin, Carlisle, Ky.)
Married: Mary Jane Blair
Died: 7 Dec. 1905
Buried: Decatur, Brown county, Ohio

Anthony Banks
Pvt., Co. D, 27 Regt., USCI
Born: No Record
Married: Caroline Ross
Died: 2 Apr. 1887
Buried: Lee Cemetery, Athens county, Ohio

John D. Brown
Pvt., Co. H, 4th Regt., USCI
Born: 1824, Berlin, Md. (slave of ____ Benedict)
Married: Clarissa Sewell
Died: 10 Mar. 1898
Buried: Cutler, Washington county, Ohio (Catholic Cemetery)

William Henry Harrison Butler
Pvt., Co. E, 5th Regt. USCI
Born: 1846, Upper Sandusky, Seneca County, Ohio
Married: Evangeline Brown
Occupation: Minister, A.M.E. Church, Columbus, Ohio
Died: 7 Oct., 1933
Buried: Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Penn.

William Riley Carr
Co. G, 5th Regt., USCI
Born: No Record
Married: Margaret Lucas (12 Oct. 1847)
Residence: Fairview, Guernsey County, Ohio
Died: 23 Aug., 1864, Hospital (Newbern, N.C.)
Buried: Newbern, N.C.

John C. Goudy
Pvt, Co. A, 15th Regt., USCI
Born: No Record
Married: Susan Francis Carter - 3 Dec. 1867.
Died: 13 Nov., 1884
Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio

Charles William Hale
Co. G., 5th Regt., USCI
Born: 15 July, 1842 -Point Pleasant, Va. (WV)
Slave of David McCullough
Married: Cornelia Walton
Residence: Federal, Athens county, Ohio
Died: 23 June 1918, Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton, Ohio
Buried: Greenlawn Cemetery - Dayton, Ohio

George Hale
Co. E, 5th Regt., USCI
Born: --- Point Pleasant, Va. (WV)
Slave of David McCullough
Married: Mamie Abrams
Residence: Albany, Athens County, Ohio
Died: 13 Jul.1895 - Columbus, Ohio
Buried: Green Lawn Cemetery - Columbus, Ohio

William James Harper
Co. C, 5th Regt., USCI -
[Severly wounded, left forearm, at Deep Bottom, Va., 29 September, 1864].
Born: 21 November 1841 - Belmont County, Ohio
Married: Amanda Norman
Residence: Buchtel, Ohio - Hocking county (?)
Occupation: Coal Miner
Died: 31 August, 1875
Buried: Buchtel, Ohio

Thornton Harris
Co. C, 27th Regt. USCI
Born 11 Apr. 1839, Barbour county, (W) Virginia.
Married: Irena Lucas
Residence: Big Run, P.O. Athens county, Ohio
[While serving in front of Petersburg, gangrene set in both feet from prolonged periods standing in mud. Both feet amputated at the instep].
Died: 2 June 1922 at Cutler, Ohio
Buried: Antioch Cemetery, Westley Township. Wash. Co.

Israel H. Johnson
Co. I. 27 Regt. USCI
Born: 1844
Married: Malinda A. Norris
Residence: Big Run, Athens county, Ohio
Died: 1 May 1898 in Athens, Ohio
Buried: Kilvert Cemetery, Athens County, Ohio

John Kennedy
Co. I, 27th Regt. USCI
Born: 1841 (Albemarle county, Virgina ? )
Married: Elizibeth Croston
Residence: Ravenswood, West Virginia
Died: 2 Feb., 1901
Buried: Ravenswood Cemetery, Ravenswood, West Virginia

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