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'Colored Recruits from Sandusky, Ohio' - Sandusky Daily Commercial Register

Submitted by Ms. Elaine Lawson, Sandusky, Ohio

This article was taken from the Sandusky Daily Commercial Register - Page 3 -- June 6, 1863

The recruiting among our colored people, which had been going on for several days, concluded in the departure yesterday morning of 26. The work was most completely successful and does credit, not more to the colored people than our white citizens who interested themselves in promoting the work. Some $5680 and more, in cash, was raised for the volunteers beside various contributions in provisions, etc. The recruits left on the C&T train yesterday morning, in the best of spirits, and all of them apparently determined to strike just as heavy blows at the Jeff Davis dynasty as though they wore white skins. We are confident no man who wants the rebellion put down will care if a black man's bullet or bayonet help in the work. Some two or three hundred assembled at the depot to witness the departure of the recruits, and ere this they are well on their way to Boston, and not long hence will be in Dixie.
S.W. Franklin, Sergeant, and Garland H. White, Agent, who primarily and actively promoted the raising of the recruits in this city. We append below a list of their names:

James Cole
Harry Johnson
Harrison Griffin
Robert B. Taylor
William Vixen
Harrison Washington
William Harris
Daniel F. Phillips
Thomas Roberson
Basil Brown
David Gray
Morris Darnell
Westley Reil
Ferry Scott
William Davis
Elijah Brown
George Williams
Nicolas Laid
James Seuvers
James M. Wallace
Stephen Taylor
Francis Gardner
William Taylor
William Roberson
James French
Charles A. Evans

The men enlisted include a very large majority of the able bodied colored men in this city and vicinity, and range from 18 to 40 years of age. The names will be furnished to the proper authorities and when a draft shall be ordered, it will call for fewer men by twenty-six than it otherwise would have done.

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