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Fort Pillow Tennesee - April 12, 1864

Detachments of the 6th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, 13th Tenn. Cavalry and 2nd U.S. Colored Light Artillery

As an incident of Forrest's raid into Tennessee his force marched on the morning of the 12th to attack the garrison at Fort Pillow. The pickets were driven in with little trouble, but the Confederates found the Union troops ready in the rifle-pits. After repulsing three cavalry attacks of the enemy, the Federals withdrew into the fort. A demand for surrender was made, but without success. Another demand for surrender was made and refused and about 4 p.m. the fort was stormed and carried by the Confederates. No quarter was given and the colored troops were indiscriminately slaughtered. Of the original garrison of 500 over 350 were killed, the majority after the fort had been carried. The enemy's losses were not reported.

SOURCE: THE UNION ARMY: A History of Military Affairs in the Loyal States 1861-65 - Records of the Regiments in the Union Army - Cyclopedia of Battles - Memoirs of Commanders and Soldiers. Volume VI. Madison, Wisconsin: Federal Publishing Company, 1908.

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