Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Bass and Clemens Cemeteries - Darke County, Ohio


Compiled and submitted by Roane Smothers

PARENTHESIS = States in which regiments were organized

54th Massachusetts - Company K (MA)

David McCowan Bass
James M. Rickman Clemens
George T. Mccowan Unknown
Pleasant McCowan Unknown

8th Regiment - Company F (PA)

James R. Clemens Clemens

5th Regiment - Company F (OH)

Johnston Coston Clemens
Isaac Holland Clemens
William T. Rickman Clemens
Benjamin F. Goins Bass
Charles McCowan Clemens

127th Regiment - Companies B & K (PA)

Benjamin F. Wade - Co. B Bass
James E. Bass - Co. B Bass
Jesse Lamb - Co. B Bass
Andrew J. Patterson - Co. K Clemens

9th Regiment Infantry (MD)

Charles Patterson - Co. A Clemens

13th Regiment Infantry (TN)

Richard Goens - Co. G Bass

15th Regiment Infantry (TN)

Leander Carman - Co. A Bass

23rd Regiment Infantry (VA)

Henry Coston - Co. E Clemens
Nelson Cook - Co. C Bass
James C. Candy - Co. B Bass

27th Regiment Infantry (OH)

John E. Mason Clemens
Charles H. McCowan - Co. F Clemens

28th Regiment Infantry (IN)

Sylvestor R. Scott Bass
Andrew Lett - Co. E Bass
Augustus Cook - Co. F Bass

45th Regiment Infantry (PA)

George Reed - Co. F Bass
Levi Shaffer - Co. C Clemens
Reuben Goens - Co. A Clemens
John Holland - Co. K Clemens
Zachariah Archey - Co. A Bass
Henry Stokes - Co. C Bass
Charles P. Mason - Co. B Bass
John Cook - Co. B Bass
William Davis - Co. C Clemens
Alexander McCown - Co. B Unknown
William H. McCown - Co. B Bass
Zebedee Bass - Co. A Bass

Unknown Regiment

H. Reed Bass
Charles Reed, Sr. Bass
Rev. Calvin Cook Bass
Cyrus F. Epps Bass
John Wesley Clemens

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