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Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery - 13615 Coppermine Road, Herndon, Virginia

United States Colored Civil War Veteran

Researched and submitted by Jim Moore

Name: Temple Cheeks
Rank: Private
Unit: CO H - 22 U. S. Colored Infantry Regiment

Temple Cheeks rests in the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery. The church address is 13615 Coppermine Rd, Herndon VA. The cemetery is across the street from the church. Temple Cheeks grave is located in the iron rail section in the front of the cemetery. His grave is the far right from the gate entrance and is marked by a Government Issue headstone.

Mr. Cheeks apparently has no family left in this area, at least none that the church knows about. I'm trying to find out if there is any additional information they may know about him since he lies in a section of the cemetery usually reserved for church officials. Rev. Graham actually thanked me for the history of one of their members since past records for the church are deficient.

Jim Moore

Previous information about the cemetery from Mr. Moore:

On 2/23/99, he wrote:

"Recently found a grave marker for Temple Cheeks, Co H, 22nd USCI. The headstone is the standard issue headstone usually found for civil war era soldiers. The cemetery is a black cemetery still in use and has about 36 graves, several of which are veterans through Vietnam. It's located on the North side of Coppermine Road about 150 yards west of the intersection of Riverview Drive and Coppermine Road in Herndon, Virginia which is about 2 miles east of the Dulles Airport. The area was rural until just a few years ago.

High tec offices are now being constructed throughout the area. I tried finding out more information about Mr. Cheeks but have not been successful. Your page was the only source of information I found that provided information about his unit. Thanks.

Hopefully this information can be of use to others."

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