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Glenwood Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama - Memorial Service for Private Washington Markin


Photos and data submitted by

John Wilson
Huntsville, Alabama

Private Washington Markin
Company H
13th U. S. Colored Infantry Regiment

Conducted by

Private Richard Taylor, Camp 53
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Department of Tennessee

May 26, 2003

Note from Mr. Wilson --
A service was held in Huntsville, AL at the Glenwood Cemetery honoring the contribution of a "colored Union soldier" to the defense of the United States. The soldier's name was Washington Markin and he was honored in a graveside service held on May 26, 2003 by re-enactors from the Pvt Richard Taylor, Camp 53, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department of Tennessee. I have also included a photo of his headstone. He was a member of Co. H, 13th U.S. CLD. Infantry. Oddly enough he was from the same unit that was represented in Decatur by re-enactors from the 13th United Sates Colored Troops Living History Association. Its a small world. Maybe Houston Overton and Norm Hill will rally the troops of the 13th and come to Glenwood cemetery one Memorial Day to give Washington a proper memorial service by his own unit.

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