Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Cowtown Keeylocko, Arizona - Gallery

Day one saw the "Boys" and Elaine ready to go. Elaine stayed in the rear and kept Ed and the Mexicans company. She was waiting for Sharon who had not arrived yet. The "9th", pulled in early Friday morning and immediately began preparing its mounts for duty. Each horse was as peculiar as it's owner, the names were strange as well, "Shaft", "Diggity", "Jazz", "DW", "Red", "Queenie" and there was also a horse named "Tony". The owner of this horse, Israel, the "Outfit's" boss, who was of Indian and Mexican descent, apologized to "Tony" out on the trail, thinking he might be a tad bit offended over the fact that a Man was named Tony as well. No harm done as the Man called Tony proved up for the test and had a pretty good "seat" as far as "Green Horns" go.

There were "Thousand star nights" in Keeylocko. The faces of everyone who had ever caught the train to the other side could be seen glowing in the heavens, the skies were so clear. We were serenaded by every desert animal imaginable at night. Barn yard birds competed for the honor to wake us up in the morning.

Images by Elaine and Tony Dorty, Brian Barnes, and Linus Hinton.

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