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John Lewis 1845-1941 - Thayer Cemetery, Northville Township, Wayne County, Michigan

Submitted by Mark Jennings, Canton, Michigan

John Lewis' Grave Marker (click to enlarge)John Lewis 1845-1941
"Private, Company G, 102nd U. S. Colored Infantry Regiment" 1864-1865
(This is the 1st Michigan Colored Infantry later changed to 102nd USCT

The mystery is that on top of his tombstone is the Mason's symbol. I did not know that the Freemason's accepted blacks into their society. John Lewis and his family is buried in the back of this cemetery, a distance from the other graves. It appears they were separated. This is only the second cemetery where I have found black graves separated from white graves. Though he was separated from the whites, he was inducted into the Freemasons? I have e-mailed a Freemason's website to ask for info about the Freemasons and blacks in the 1800's. If I get an answer I will forward it to you.

Mark Jennings

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