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Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery

Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan


Submitted by

Mark Jennings
Redford, Michigan

Of real interest is the fact that there was a tall GAR monument and about 25 Civil War soldiers buried around it.  The surprise was that the 102nd USCT soldiers were buried side by side with other white troops from Michigan.  I guess Ypsilanti was a liberal town back in those years.  The soldiers already listed on your site for Hillside Cemtery were located in this location.  The cemetery is rather large and it took me 13 hours to walk and record graves.  Here are the troops I found.

Mark Jennings





Wm Ambrose Co D - 102nd USCT  
Jno Anderson   Co A -  102nd USCT  
Thomas J Davis   Co B - 102nd USCT  
James H Falls   Co H - 27th USCT  
Benjamin Harper     Co F - 102nd USCT  
W  Hawkins Co C - 102nd USCT Washington on family stone
Jno Holden   Co C - 6th USCT   What state was this? PA
Wm Jones   Co D - 102nd USCT  
Percival Murphy   Co K - 102nd USCT  
Jere Patton   Co E - 102nd USCT  
Stephen Roadman   Co C - 102nd USCT  
E. S. Rouse  Co K - 54th MASS Inf   
Jeremiah Sniveley   Co H - 102nd USCT  
Thompson  Co E  - 11th or 4th  USCT  Hard to read.  Could not make out first name.  A very worn stone.
Henry Thornton   Co G - 102nd USCT  
Edward Wilson   Co H - 102nd USCT  
David York   Co B - 102nd USCT
  A brand new replacement stone.  On the stone it had his birth year and his death year 1864)

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