Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Highland Cemetery Association

(Founded in 1862)
Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan


Submitted by

Allen W. and Shirley McDonnell
Monroe, Michigan

These records were transcribed from government issue military tombstones in the veteran section of the cemetery Saturday April 20, 2002.



Wm. Jones Co D, 102nd USCT
Lorenzo Thompson Co C, 11 USCHA
Percival Murphy Co K, 102 USCT
Henry Thornton Co G, 102 USCT
James H. Falls Co H, 27 US Col. Vol.


Christopher Stockdale - Ohio, Private, Company F - 127th Regiment, Ohio Infantry - C.W.  03/24/1840 - 06/28/1929
Mortimer Rosecrants - Brevet Captain, 5th Regiment, U.S. Infantry, 02/16/1818 - 10/07/1848

NOTE: A monument dedicated by the men of his company and the Village of Ypsilanti


I walk cemeteries in the tri-county Detroit area for Civil War Vets. I did this cemetery two years ago. It seems that you only listed the Colored troops that were buried up front in the GAR section.


I walked the entire cemetery. I found several more 102nd USCT, a few other USCT regiments (non-Michigan) and even one guy from the 54th Mass Reg. in the rest of the large cemetery. If you are interested I can find my notes and send them to you.


I send my research to Don Harvey's "Michigan in the Civil War" site. This site has tons of Michigan CW info including the 102nd USCT. Beside rosters, unit histories, war-time deaths a message board; they also collect brurial info on all Mi vets. Other states troops are taken and sent to the National site recording all soliders.


Take Care,


Mark Jennings


Canton, MI

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