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New Orleans, January 3, 1863.

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VI. The following-named regiments are organized into brigades, as follows, and will constitute a division, to be commanded by Brig. Gen. William H. Emory:

First Brigade, to be commanded by Brig. Gen. George L. Andrews.--Forty-seventh Massachusetts, Colonel Marsh; Eighth New Hampshire, Colonel Fearing; One hundred and fourteenth New York, Col. E. B. Smith; One hundred and fifty-sixth New York, Colonel Cooke.

Second Brigade, to be commanded by the senior colonel.--One hundred and thirty-third New York, Colonel Currie; One hundred and seventy-third New York, Colonel Morton; One hundred and seventy-fourth New York, Colonel Parmele; Fourth Wisconsin, Colonel Paine.

Third Brigade, to be commanded by the senior colonel.--Thirteenth Connecticut, Colonel Birge; Sixteenth New Hampshire, Colonel Pike; One hundred and sixty-second New York, Colonel Benedict; One hundred and tenth New York, Colonel Littlejohn.

General Emory will immediately assume command of that portion of his division which is now at Carrollton, and will concentrate the whole with as little delay as practicable at Baton Rouge. The quartermaster's department will furnish the necessary transportation.

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X. All the troops in the District of La Fourche, including the Eighth Vermont, Twenty-first Indiana, and First, Second, and Third Louisiana Native Guards, will immediately report for orders to Brig. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel, who will make such disposition of them as may in his judgment be best calculated to carry out the instructions and views of the commanding general.

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By command of Major-General Banks:


 Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General.


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