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Louisiana Native Guards who volunteered for storming party at Port Hudson, Louisiana, under General Orders, No. 49, Headquarters Department of the Gulf, June 15, 1863.



Sergt. Joseph Frick, Co. C.

Sergt. Charles Dugu�, Co. C.

Sergt. Ernest Legross, Co. C.

Corpl. Arthur Mey�, Co. C.

Private Camile Cazainier, Co. C.

Private Valcour Brown, Co. C.

Private Edmond Champanel, Co. C.

Private Eugene Degruy, Co. C.

Private Clement Galice, Co. C.

Private Louis Lacraie, Co. C.

Private Pierre Martiel, Co. C.

Private Joseph Moushaud, Co. C.

Private Armand Roche, Co. C.

Private Francois Severin, Co. C.

Private Henry Smith, Co. C.

Private J. Baptiste Smith, Co. C.

Private Martin White, Co. C.

Private Robert Lotsum, Co. G.

Private Joseph Lewis, Co. G.

Corpl. Jules Frits, Co. H.

Private Jacques Augusts, Co. H.

Private Henry Bradford, Co. H.

Private Joseph Carter, Co. H.

Private Isidore Charles, Co. H.

Private Emile Chatard, Co. H.

Private Frederick Derinsbourg, Co. H.

Private Francis Fernandez, Co. H.

Private Arthur Guyot, Co. H.
Private Samuel Hall, Co. H.

Private John Howard, Co. H.

Private Joseph Jackson, Co. H.

Private Richard John, Co. H.

Private Joe Joseph, Co. H.

Private Auguste Lee, Co. H.

Private Henry Lee, Co. H.

Private Oscar Pointoiseau, Co. H.

Private Joseph Patterson, sr., Co. H.

Private Joseph Patterson, jr., Co. H.

Private Perry Randolph, Co. H.

Private James Richards, Co. H.

Private Benjamin String, Co. H.

Private Ralemy Walse, Co. H.

Sergt. Jehu J. Cage, Co. I.

Sergt. John W. Berweeks, Co. I.

Corpl. Thomas Alexander, Co. I.

Private Charles Branson, Co. I.

Private Alexander Jones, Co. I.

Private William McDowell, Co. I.

Private Collin Page, Co. I.

Private Thomas Redwood, Co. I.

Private William Wood, Co. I.

Private George Burke, Co. K.

Private Ed. Madison, Co. K.

Private Charles Smith, Co. K.




Private Abram Frost, Co. A.

Private Henry Marshel, Co. A.

Sergt. Wade Hambleton, Co. C.

Corpl. Massalla Lofra, Co. C.

Corpl. William Mack, Co. C.

Corpl. E. Thominick, Co. C.

Private Daniel Anderson, Co. C.

Private --------- Bracton, Co. C.

Private William Dallis, Co. C.

Private Jack Dorson, Co. C.

Private William Finick, Co. C.

Private Solomon Fleming, Co. C.

Private William Green, Co. C.

Private George Joseph, Co. C.

Private Victor Lewis, Co. C.

Private -- Saunders, Co. C.

Private -- Taylor,(++) Co. C.

Private -- White,(�) Co. C.

Sergt. Thomas Jefferson, Co. E.

Private W. Henry, Co. E.

Private Benjamin Johnson, Co. E.

Private Joseph Miller, Co. E.

Private Thomas Simmons, Co. E.

Private J. W. Thomas, Co. E.

Private Edward Brown, Co. H.

Private Isaac Gillis, Co. H.

Private------Johnson, Co. H.

Private Silas Huff, Co. H.

Private Lewis Paulin, Co. H.

Private John Ross, Co. H.

Private J. Smith,(*) Co. H.

Private Silas Dicton, Co. I.

Private Loudon McDaniel, Co. I.

Private John Taller, Co. I.

Private Isaac Twiggs, Co. I.

Private George Washington, Co. I.

Private -------- Williams,(+) Co. I.

Other Union regiments that furnished volunteers (Infantry, except as noted)

12th Connecticut
13th Connecticut
25th Connecticut
1st Louisiana
2nd Louisiana
12th Maine
13th Maine
14th Maine
21st Maine
22nd Maine
24th Maine
28th Maine
3rd Massachusetts
13th Massachusetts


26th Massachusetts
30th Massachusetts
31st Massachusetts
26th Massachusetts
30th Massachusetts
31st Massachusetts
38th Massachusetts
48th Massachusetts
49th Massachusetts
50th Massachusetts
53rd Massachusetts
6th Michigan
8th New Hampshire
16th New Hampshire
75th New York
90th New York
91st New York
116th New York
128th New York
131st New York
133rd New York
156th New York
159th New York
160th New York
161st New York
162nd New York
165th New York
173rd New York
174th New York
175th New York
177th New York
8th Vermont
4th Wisconsin


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