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Montford Point Marine Association - Beaufort Chapter - September 1999 Newsletter

WHERE ARE YOU ??? The Montford Point Marine Association will have a meeting on Monday, 13 September 1999, 7:00 PM at the Parris Island Community Center on Parris Island, South Carolina. Please put us on your calendar and effort to attend.


Have you asked anyone to join the association yet? If everyone enrolled one new person, we would increase our membership by 100%. Spread the word.


The National Convention which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada has been reported as successful. The elected National Officers for 1999-2001 are: National President Nathaniel W. James, of Jacksonville, NC; Vice President Elijah Abram of Beaufort, SC; Treasurer Robert Foster, of St. Louis, Mo. Financial Secretary Johnnie Henderson, of St. Louis, Mo., and Recording Secretary Regina Lawrence, of Jacksonville, NC.

Gilbert "Hashmark" Johnson Award: This award is restricted to members of the Executive Council, The award is designed to stimulate growth of the association. The winner for 1999 Beaufort Chapter President Elijah Abram.

James Calendar Award: This award is given to a person currently on active duty that exemplifies the qualities of this great MPMA historian, and dedicated worker. The winner for 1999 Beaufort Chapter Historian MGySgt Geeter.

The President"s Award: Congratulations goes out to Fifteen members from Beaufort Chapter. Come to the next meeting on the 13, of September 1999.

The Queen Contest winner for $2,500 went to Ms. Meathel "Tex" Arnold of Chicago, Ill.

All Members are Welcome to MSgt Simmons (USA Ret.) a member of the Beaufort Chapter of MPMA, the ceremony on August 31, 1999 . Members are ask to be in MPMA uniform or in (suit and tie.) See note in newsletter.

The Association uniform is a blue blazer, gray trousers, blue shirt, red tie, and with your MPMA garrison cover with large emblen.

If you need a cover, place an order with the Chapter. The price is $35.00. (Put your order in A.S.A.P or at the meeting.)

October meeting will be election for all elected Officers.

September Annual Dues for the Beaufort Chapter.


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