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Letter - Elijah Abram

Dear Fellow Marine:

I have sent courtesy copies of our membership packet to you and other veteran"s hoping to recruit those not yet on our roster. Please take a moment to read about our organization and its service to the communities we serve. Always remember "In Unity There Is Strength" and for the Montford Point Marine Association "Working Together Works" which incidentally is our motto.

Montford Point Camp is where it all started, that is where our roots are. As you know a tree cannot stand up right if its roots are not properly nourished and sunk deep in mother earth. Deprived of its roots the tree will weather and decay. Montford Point Marine Association"s Primary mission is to keep our history alive.

The story of the first Black Marines is one of the most untold stories in the history of the United States Armed Forces. This will soon be ratified by a full feature film about those early pioneers and Camp Johnson (formally Montford Point) will soon be the site of a four acre Memorial Park a statue, and a museum dedicated to Black Marines. This project is supported by Headquarters Marine Corps.

The purpose of this correspondence is to inform you of what the Montford Point Marine Association is all about and to encourage you to become a member. Yes! The Corps has come a long way since 1942, but the struggle is not over. We all know that those who do not learn the lessons of history, history will all to often, repeat itself.

Montford Pointers believe that it is essential that we preserve rich legacy of service to Corps and Country and that we preserve the strong bonds we share that were born from adversity. And Yes! Where there is unity there is strength.

It is well recognized that those of us who have served in the Military Service in World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam are approaching our twilight years. Time has come to pass the torch to another generation of Black Marines. Montford Point Marine Association needs the skills and talents of all of its potential members to survive into the year 2000 and beyond.

Know this! Progress in the Corps was hued out of the blood, sweat, tears, self sacrifice and the determination of the more than twenty thousand Black Marines that first trained at Montford Point. We Montford Pointers firmly believe that the playing field will not long remain level without support from within the Corps top leadership, and support from an informed American public, and continued commitment from active duty Marines and from those who have served and paid their dues to be able to claim the title United States Marines. Future success requires a team effort.

The word has been passed that there is some reluctance by some Senior SNCOs and Officers to become associated with MPMA fearing it would harm their career options. To those Officers I point out that the Commandant has charged us with a special mission and that is to be the conscience of the Corps. We are resolved to help make the Marine Corps a strong unified Military Force (team), race notwithstanding. The Commandant is an Honorary Montford Pointer and many General Officers are also regular members.

There has been a belief by some potential members that eligibility in Montford Point is restricted to those who served at the "Point" in the early days. All Marines are eligible for membership who share our purpose, goals, and objectives.

The Association is growing, with the Albany Chapter and the Okinawa Chapter, there are twenty four Chapters located across the nation. This provides a large network of member s able and willing to assist fellow Montford Pointers when ever needed. Check the Web Site you will find a little history about Montford Point at http://members.aol.com/NubianSong/Montford.html

I look forward to meeting and talking with you about the future. Our Organization"s motto is "Working Together Works."

Semper Fi!

Elijah Abram
Gunnery Sergeant (USMC - Ret)

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