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Created to be Free


Juanita Patience Moss

ISBN: I-58549-704-5


This historical novel is based on the life of an 18-year old runaway slave who joined the 103rd Pennsylvania Regiment when it was garrisoned in Plymouth, N.C. The reason for writing the book was because several historians had told the author there had been no black men serving in white regiments during the Civil War. Juanita Patience Moss knew differently because her great grandfather had been one.


Her research to discover other such men led her to write about her ancestor's 83-year life journey from the sweet potato fields of N.C. to the anthracite coal fields of northeastern Pennsylvania. Escaping from Chowan County, the slave boy Toby became the free man Crowder Pacien (Patience).


Through the letters of a fictitious "Plymouth Pilgrim," the story of the Battle of Plymouth is told. A particularly poignant passage deals with what happened to two captured "Buffaloes" who were brothers.

Readers interested in the coal mining industry will want to read about the plight of seven and eight year-olds who were "breaker boys" working ten hour days, six days a week. The coal mining industry had created another kind of slave.


This book is about one American family, in some ways different from all others but in many ways mirroring many others because it is a story of tenacity and survival. There is something in this book for everyone, regardless of ethnicity.


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