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Battle of Plymouth, N.C.: APRIL 17-20, 1864
The Last Confederate Victory


Juanita Patience Moss

ISBN 1-58549-852-1


Many people have not heard about the Battle of Plymouth, even avid Civil War buffs. Well, that's not surprising because very little has been written about it. Read this detailed and carefully researched book to learn about the second largest battle in North Carolina.

Intense drama took place during four days filled with surprise, fate, intrigue, bravery, ingenuity, hope, daring, dedication, gallantry, victory for the Rebels and disappointment and defeat for the Yankees.

Here eleven black men were serving in white regiments. These and others like them have been forgotten by historians. This book proves to modern nay-sayers that there were some black soldiers in white regiments during the Civil War, the author's ancestor being one of them.

Have you heard of the CSS Albemarle, a ship built not a shipyard as expected, but in a cornfield?

Are you aware of who is credited with having achieved the most daring venture in all of the Civil War, and that it happened at Plymouth, N.C.?

Even if you do know the answers to all of these questions, you will want to read still more about them in this informative, enlightening and interesting non-fiction book.

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