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Kentucky African American Heritage Commission Sponsor's Forward

by Clestine V. Lanier, Chairperson,
Kentucky African American Heritage Commission

The Kentucky African American Heritage Commission was established by Executive Order in 1994 to identify and promote awareness of the significant African American influences upon the history and culture of Kentucky. In partnership with the State Historic Preservation Office of the Kentucky Heritage Council we have supported various projects to further this mission. These include the rehabilitation of historic buildings, research on African American community history, and efforts to disseminate information about African American achievements, such as the creation of historic highway markers.

When approached last summer by the Anderson Countians who eventually formed the Anna Mac Clarke Memorial Committee, we immediately saw a unique opportunity to recognize the role of two minority groups often omitted from history-women and African Americans. Anna Mac Clarke made remarkable accomplishments in her career and in fighting to desegregate the base at which she was stationed, and her story is one of many. The Kentucky African American Heritage Commission hopes this project will encourage communities throughout the state to look beyond the history books and uncover the stories of other brave African Americans who served their country.

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