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Legion of Merit Awards

The following received the Legion of Merit for performance in the Pacific theater of war: Dennis Holt, Staff Sergeant, Birmingham, Alabama, and Isaac McGrew, Jr., Staff Sergeant, Yazoo City, Louisiana.

Sergeant Holt as chief of a battalion wire section from May 4, 1942, to April 20, 1943, at a base in the South Pacific area. His leadership, skill, cheerfulness, and devotion to duty in the installation, maintenance, and operation of a wire net, in many respects comparable to that of a division, assured continuous communication. Without transportation, he led his men in cutting wire trails through miles of difficult jungle, in carrying wire up to a mountain top observation post, in crossing several miles of water to nearby islands, in all kinds of weather.

Sergeant McGrew was primarily responsible for the successful installation and maintenance of 300 miles of wire in the South Pacific area from May 15, 1942, to February 20, 1943. This task was performed under the most rigorous of tropical, climatic, and terrain conditions. By long hours, ingenuity, and perseverance, he performed remarkable feats of accomplishment.

The Silver Star was awarded to Mack B. Anderson, private, Corps of Engineers, Brenham, Texas, for gallantry displayed in the Asiatic Theater of Operations. During an attack by Japanese Zero fighters on an airfield in India, Private Anderson, while under continuous fire from the attackers, manned a machine gun until it went out of action, then continued firing with his automatic pistol while several Japanese fighters definitely centered their attack on him.


SOURCE: Appendix to the Congressional Record, Volume 92 - Part 9, January 14, 1946, to March 8, 1946. Submitted by Spencer Moore, Magnolia, New Jersey.



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