Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.



Submitted by Mrs. Joanne Emerick, Hoxie, Kansas

Posted by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

DATA SOURCE: National Archives - Washington, DC/Suitland, Maryland

901st Air Base Security Battalion-Batangas
903rd Air Base Security Battalion-Milne Bay
922nd Air Base Security Battalion-Milne Bay
924th Air Base Security Battalion-Milne Bay

4th Air Cargo Resupply Squadron-Clark Field
5th Air Cargo Resupply Squadron-Clark Field

490th Amphibian Truck Co. -Guam
491st Amphibian Truck Co. -Okinawa
493rd Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa
494th Amphibian Truck Co.-Fort Hase
495th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa
496th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa
811th Amphibian Truck Co.-Lingayen
812th Amphibian Truck Co.-Batangas
813th Amphibian Truck Co.-Leyte
814th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa
825th Amphibian Truck Co.-Leyte
826th Amphibian Truck Co.-Leyte
820th Amphibian Truck Company-Manila
824th Amphibian Truck Company-Malabang
827th Amphibian Truck Co.-Okinawa
828th Amphibian Truck Co.-Ie Shima

77th Antiaircraft Gun Battalion & Group-Admiralty
207th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion-Hollandia
466th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion-Finschafen
477th Antiaircraft Artillery AW Battalion-Oro Bay
503rd Antiaircraft Gun Battalion-Okinawa
726th Antiaircraft Signal Battery-Schofield Barracks
741st Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion-Hollandia
742nd Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion-Finschafen
870th Antiaircraft A W Battalion-Kerama Retto
933rd Antiaircraft Gun Battalion-Admiralty

49th Coast Artillery Battalion 155mm-Finschafen
93rd Division Artillery-Zamboanga
593rd Field Artillery Battalion 105 mm-Morotai
595th Field Artillery Battalion 105 mm-Morotai
596th Field Artillery Battalion 155mm -Morotai
594th Field Artillery Battalion 105th-mm-Zamboanga

345th Aviation Squadron-Okinawa
383rd Aviation Squadron-Leyte
391st Aviation Squadron-Leyte
436th Aviation Squadron-Biak
437th Aviation Squadron-Finschafen
455th Aviation Squadron -Nielson Field
458th Aviation Squadron-Hollandia

93rd Infantry Division Band-Morotai
415th Army Sercvice Forces Band-Hollandia

7th Cavalry Weapons Troop Division-N Laguna
8th Cavalry Headquarters Troop-Batangas

28th Chemical Decontamination Company-Manila
29th Chemical Decontamination Company-Manila
702nd Chemical Co.-Hickam Field
704th Chemical Maintenance Co. Aviation-Leyte
891st Chemical Co.-Tinian

91st Engineer General Service Regiment-Biak
96th Engineer Gas Servcie Regiment-Malabang
97th Engineer General Servcie Regiment-Finschafen
318th Engineers Combat Battalion-Morotai
568th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Okinawa
575th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Okinawa
567th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila
570th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Davao
571st Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Clark Field
573rd Engineer Dump Truck Co.-La Union
576th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila
585th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Biak
738th Engineer Base Depot Co.-Biak
765th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Okinawa
766th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Leyte
768th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Leyte
769th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila
771st Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila
772nd Engineer Dump Truck-Finschafen
773rd Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila
774th Engineer Dump Truck Company-Manila
795th Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Nichols Field
810th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila
811th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Iwo Jima
822nd Engineer Aviation Battalion-Leyte
828th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila
839th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Leyte
855th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila
856th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila
857th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Fort McKinely
858th Engineer Aviation Battaion - Burma/China
867th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Batangas
868th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Nadzab, New Guinea
869th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Manila
870th Engineer Aviation Battalion-Pampanga
890th Engineer Aviation Co.-Tinian
891st Engineer Aviation Co.-Tinian
892nd Engineer Aviation Co.-Wheeler Field
893rd Engineer Aviation Co.-Tinian
1873 Engineer Aviation Battalion - Guam (Submitted by P. Louise) 1225th Engineer Fire Fighting Detachment-Leyte
1311th Engineer General Servcie Regiment-Milne Bay
1312th Engineer General Service Regiment-La Union
1315th Engineer Construction Battalion -Biak
1395th Engineer Construction Battalion - Okinawa
1322nd Engineer General Service Regiment-Leyte
1351st Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Leyte
1361st Engineer Dump Truck Co.-Lingayen
1517th Engineer Water Supply Company-Manila
1519th Engineer Water Supply Company-Manila
1462nd Engineer Maintenance Co. ESB-Pampanga
1518th Engineer Water Supply Co.-Biak

325th Gas Supply Co.-Biak

Americal Division HQ Company, Company C-Negros Island
25th Infantry-Zamboanga
93rd Infantry Division Headquarters-Morotai
93rd Infantry Division Special Troops-Morotai
93rd Infantry Divison HQ Company-Morotai
103rd Infantry (Company I)-Manila
368th Infantry-Zamboanga

361st Laundry Detachment (Mobile)-Manila

318th Medical Battalion-Morotai

93rd Division Military Police Platoon-Morotai
224th Military Police Co.-Cebu Island, Philippines

569th Motor Ambulance Co.-Leyte
579th Motor Ambulance Co.-Finschafen
888th Motor Ambulance Company-Manila

169th Ordnance Battalion-Manila
577th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-La Union
578th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Davao
579th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Pampanga
580th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Manila
590th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Manila
594th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Guadalcanal
595th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Leyte
622nd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-San Jose
628th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Oro Bay
629th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Lingayen
630th Ordnance Ammunition Co-Lae, New Guinea
632nd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Okinawa
636th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Batangas
642nd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-El Salvador
643rd Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Leyte
644th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Okinawa
645th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Aiea
650th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Biak
667th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Okinawa
669th Ordnance Ammunition Co.-Pelelieu Island
669th Ordnance Ammunition Company-Guadalcanal
793rd Ordnance Light Maintenance Co.-Morotai
3610th Ordnance HA Maintenance Co.-Ie Shima

160th Port Co.-Cebu
161st Port Co.-Cebu
162nd Port Co.-Cebu
164th Port Co.-Leyte
167th Port Company-Manila
179th Port Co.-Batangas
180th Port Co.-Batangas
210th Port Company-Manila
218th Port Company-Manila
234th Port Company-Manila
235th Port Co.-Mindoro
236th Port Co.-Mindoro
493rd Port Battalion-Leyte
506th Port Battalion-La Union
510th Port Battalion-Tinian
538th Port Company-Saipan
539th Port Co.-Saipan
576th Port Co.-Hawaiian Ordnance Depot
578th Port Company-Manila
579th Port Company-Manila
590th Port Co.-Saipan
591st Port Co.-Saipan
592nd Port Co.-Iwo Jima
593rd Port Port Co.-Hollandia
603rd Port Co.-Biak
609th Port Co.-Leyte
610th Port Company-Manila
611th Port Company-Manila
635th Port Co.-Espiritu Santo
637th Port Co.-Finschafen
638th Port Co.-Finschafen
639th Port Co. -Finschafen
650th Port Co.-Lingayen
851st Port Co.-La Union
852nd Port Co.-La Union
855th Port Co.-Sand Island, Hawaii
856th Port Co.-Sand Island
857th Port Co.-Sand Island
865th Port Co.-Okinawa
867th Port Co.-Okinawa
868th Port Co.-Okinawa
872nd Port Co.-Sand Island

14th Quartermaster Car Platoon-Leyte
28th Quartermaster Group-Manila
29th Quartermaster Group-Manila
29th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)-Manila
57th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)-Batangas
71st Quartermaster Battalion-Manila
91st Quartermaster Railhead Co.-Mindoro
92nd Quartermaster Railhead Co.-La Union
93rd Quartermaster Co.-Morotai
119th Quartermaster Battalion (Mobile)-Manila
119th Quartermaster Bakery Co. (2nd Platoon)-Clark Field
233rd Quartermaster Laundry Detachment (Mobile)-Manila
234th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Panay Island
235th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment (Mobile)-Pampanga
236th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment -Cagayan
237th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Batangas
238th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Manila
239th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Manila
240th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Leyte
244th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Batangas
245th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Biak
246th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Biak
247th Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Biak
248th Quartermaster Depot Co.-Finschafen
241st Quartermaster Laundry Detachment-Malabang
268th Quartermaster Battalion-Manila
275th Quartermaster Battalion-Manila
276th Quartermaster Battalion-Leyte
302nd Quartermaster Railhead Co.-Milne Bay
311th Quartermaster Battalion-Biak
321st Quartermaster Truck Co.-Cebu
322nd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Cebu
323rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Oro Bay
324th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Oro Bay
369th Quartermaster Laundry Company-Manila
384th Quartermaster Truck Company-Manila
390th Quartermaster Truck Company-Zamboanga
393rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-El Salvador
420th Quartermaster Bakery Co.-Leyte
466th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Finschafen
467th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Finschafen
469th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Finschafen
490th Quartermaster Battalion-La Union
491st Quartermaster Battalion-Morotai
492nd Quartermaster Battalion-Okinawa
493rd Quartermaster Battalion-Manila
494th Quartermaster Battalion-Cebu
521st Quartermaster Group-Okinawa
531st Quartermaster Battalion-Mindoro
539th Quartermaster Battalion-Manila
540th Quartermaster Battalion-Milne Bay
557th Quartermater Battalion-Finschafen
569th Quartermaster Railhead Co. (lst Platoon)-Negros Island
570th Quartermaster Battalion-Finschafen
572nd Quartermaster Railhead Co.-Hollandia
589th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-Leyte
589th Quartermaster Laundry Company-Okinawa
594th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-Okinawa
591st Quartermaster Salvage Repair Co.-Leyte
627th Quartermaster Battalion-Tinian
630th Quartermaster Battalion-San Jose
848th Quartermater Gas Supply Co.-Saipan
848th Quartermaster Gas Supply Co. (lst Platoon)-Iwo Jima
849th Quartermaster Gas Supply Co.- El Salvador
893rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Hawaiian Ordnance Depot
894th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Waipahu
895th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Schofield Barracks
897th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-Pelelieu Island
897th Quartermaster Laundry Co.-La Union
983rd Quartermaster Service Company-Malabang
984th Quartermaster Service Co. -La Union
985th Quartermaster Service Co-Finschafen
986th Quartermaster Service Co- Finschafen
991st Quartermaster Service Co-Leyte
992nd Quartermaster Service Co-Leyte
993rd Quartermaster Service Co-Biak
994th Quartermaster Service Co-Leyte
1906th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte
1918th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN -Okinawa
1932nd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Biak
1943rd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Palawan
1954th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field
1963rd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field
1998th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Lingayen
2011th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Mindoro
2012th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Okinawa
2013th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Palawan
2015th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Lingayen
2017th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Mindoro
2020th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Morotai
2021st Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field
2025th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Clark Field
2026th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Finschafen
2027th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte
2039th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte
2052nd Quartermaster Truck Company Avn.-Manila
2053rd Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte
2059th Quartermaster Truck Co. AVN-Leyte
2058th Quartermaster Truck Company Avn.-Manila
3239th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3240th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3243rd Quartermaster Service Company-Guadalcanal
3258th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3259th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3260th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3261st Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3274th Quartermater Service Co.-Espiritu Santo
3290th Quartermater Service Co.-Okinawa
3291st Quartermaster Service Co.-Tinian
3292nd Quartermaster Service Co.-Fort Shafter
3293rd Quartermaster Service Co.-Iwo Jima
3294th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima
3295th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3296th Quartermaster Service Co.-Iwo Jima
3297th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
3388th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Guam
3665th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Pelelieu Island
3697th Quartermater Truck Co.-Saipan
3753rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Iwo Jima
3754th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
3829th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4013th Quartermater Truck Co.-Saipan
4039th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima
4070th Quartermater Service Co.-Tinian
4071st Quartermaster Service Co.-New Caledonia
4102nd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4103rd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Saipan
4104th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4105th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4106th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4107th Quartermater TruckCo.-Okinawa
4109th Quartermater Truck Co.-Okinawa
4110th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4111th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4112th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima
4113th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Schofield Barracks
4116th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4117th Quartermater Truck Co.-Okinawa
4121st Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima
4122nd Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4123rd Quartermater Truck Co.-Okinawa
4124th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4125th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Ie Shima
4126th Quartermaster Truck Co.-Okinawa
4161st Quartermaster Fumigation & Bath Co.-Schofield Barracks
4207th Quartermaster Service Co.- Okinawa
4208th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima
4209th Quartermaster Service Co.-Saipan
4210th Quartermaster Service Co.-Saipan
4216th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4217th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4342nd Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4344th Quartermaster Service Co.-Schofield Barracks
4345th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4464th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima
4481st Quartermaster Salvage Repair Composite-Okinawa
4482nd Quartermaster Salvage Repair Composite-Okinawa
4513th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4514th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4515th Quartermaster Service Co.-Ie Shima
4516th Quartermaster Service Co-Okinawa
4517th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa
4524th Quartermaster Service Co.-Okinawa

93rd Reconnaissance Troop-Morotai

536th Salvage Repair Company-Guam
536th Salvage Repart Co.(Detachment)-Tinian

721st Sanitary Company-Manila
722nd Sanitary Company-Manila
725th Sanitary Co.-Batangas
728th Sanitary Co.-Leyte
735th Sanitary Company-Manila
739th Sanitary Co.-Leyte
742nd Sanitary Co.-La Union
745th Sanitary Co.-Biak
747th Sanitary Co.-Leyte
759th Sanitary Company-Manila

93rd Signal Co.-Morotai
539th Signal Heavy Construction Co.-Okinawa
702nd Signal Company-Guadalcanal
704th Signal Company-Manila
715th Signal Company-Tinian
715th Signal Co. (2nd Platoon)-Guam
716th Signal Company-Manila
717th Signal Co.-Iwo Jima
717th Signal Co. (lst Platoon)-Ie Shima
719th Signal Co.-Okinawa
743rd Signal Co.-Saipan
760th Signal Co.-Schofield Barracks

268th Station Hospital-Manila


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