Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
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Slightly under 9 percent of the 259,173 Black troops reported in the European Theater of Operations on May 15, 1 week after VE-day, belonged to combat organizations.

Twenty-two Black combat units participated in the operations of the American Expeditionary Forces against the Wehrmacht. They were: The 333rd, 349th, 350th, 351st, 578th, 686th, 777th, 969th, 999th Field Artillery Battalions; 453nd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion; 761st and 784th Tank Battalions; 614th and 827th Tank Destroyer Battalions; 183rd, 184th, 1695th, 1696th, 1697th, 1698th, 1699th, and 1700th Engineer Combat Battalions.

The 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion was the only Black combat unit to take part in the initial landing on the Normandy coast June 6, 1944. Classified as an antiaircraft organization, it was the only American unit of its type in Europe.

(SOURCE: Appendix to the Congressional Record, Volume 92 - Part 9, January 14, 1946 to March 8, 1946. Submitted by Spencer Moore, Magnolia, New Jersey.) 

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