Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Roster of Officers of the 9th and 10th United States Cavalry Regiments - July 28, 1866

Researched and compiled by
Anthony Powell
Military Historian
San Jose, California

Photos are available on over ninety percent of the officers listed. For further information contact Anthony Powell at E-mail: apowell@portraitsinblack.com. Telephone: 408-448-2260.

©1999. Anthony Powell

Ninth Regiment Of Cavalry

Colonel Edward Hatch

Lt. Colonel Wesley Merritt

Major James F. Wade
Major George A. Forsyth
Major Albert P. Morrow

Chaplain John C. Jacobi

Captain James S. Brisbin
Captain William Bayard
Captain George A. Purington
Captain John M. Bacon
Captain George H. Gamble
Captain Henry Carroll
Captain Ambrose E. Hooker
Captain William T. Frohock
Captain Jacob C. De Gress
Captain Theodore A. Boice
Captain Frances S. Dodge
Captain Edward M. Heyl

1st Lt. Michael Cooney
1st Lt. Isaac F. Moffatt
1st Lt. James G. Birney
1st Lt. Charles Parker
1st Lt. J. Lee Humfreville
1st Lt. Francis Moore
1st Lt. Fredrick W. Smith
1st Lt. Louis H. Rucker
1st Lt. Byron Dawson
1st Lt. John S. Loud
1st Lt. Patrick Cusack
1st Lt. Francis S. Davidson
1st Lt. David H. Cortelyou
1st Lt. George B. Bosworth

2nd Lt. William B. Brunton
2nd Lt. Ira W. Trask
2nd Lt. Fredrick R. Vincent
2nd Lt. Irwin M. Starr?
Tenth Regiment Of Cavalry

Colonel Benjamen H. Grierson

Lt. Colonel John W. Davidson

Major James W. Forsyth
Major Meredith H. Kidd
Major John E. Yard

Chaplain Washington M. Grimes

Captain Edward Byrne
Captain Nicholas Nolan
Captain Louis H. Carpenter
Captain James W. Walsh
Captain George A. Armes
Captain Henry T. Davis
Captain George T. Robinson
Captain Wiele J. B. Vande
Captain George W. Graham
Captain Charles G. Cox
Captain Henry E. Alvord
Captain Robert Gray

1st Lt. Philip L. Lee
1st Lt. William B. Kennedy
1st Lt. John D. Myrick
1st Lt. Nicholas D. Badger
1st Lt. Thomas J. Spencer
1st Lt. Charles Banzhaf
1st Lt. Thomas C. Lebo
1st Lt. Robert G. Smither
1st Lt. George P. Raulston
1st Lt. Myron J. Amick
1st Lt. John T. Morrison
1st Lt. Richard H. Pratt

2nd Lt. John A. Bodamer
2nd Lt. S. L. Woodward
2nd Lt. William H. Beck
2nd Lt. Benjamin F. Bell
2nd Lt. C. E. Nordstrom

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