Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Roster of Officers of the 40th and 41st United States Infantry Regiments

Researched and compiled by
Anthony Powell
Military Historian
San Jose, California

Photos are available on over ninety percent of the officers listed. For further information contact Anthony Powell at E-mail: apowell@portraitsinblack.com. Telephone: 408-448-2260.

©1999. Anthony Powell

Fortieth Regiment Of Infantry

Colonel Nelson A. Miles
Lt. Colonel Edward W. Hinks

Major Charles E. Compton

Chaplain George W. Pepper

Captain John W. French
Captain Charles Bentzoni
Captain George L. Choisy
Captain William J. Broatch
Captain Charles B. Gaskill
Captain David Schooley
Captain T. W. C. Moore
Captain Wyllys Lyman
Captain Frank M. Coxe
Captain William Welsh

1st Lt. Thomas H. Logan
1st Lt. Fredrick A. Battey
1st Lt. William H. Danilson
1st Lt. Edmund Rice
1st Lt. Daniel Hart
1st Lt. William B Nesbitt
1st Lt. Erskine M. Camp
1st Lt. Andrew Geddes
1st Lt. Frederic A. Kendall
1st Lt. Walter S. Long

2nd Lt. Dewin J. Stivers
2nd Lt. David B. Wilson
2nd Lt. Charles E. Hargous
2nd Lt. Edward Allsworth
2nd Lt. Sylvester Soper
2nd Lt. Louis E. Granger
2nd Lt. John J. Clague
2nd Lt. Robert W. Webb
2nd Lt. Owen J. Sweet

Forty-First Regiment Of Infantry

Colonel Ranald S. Mckenzie

Lt. Colonel William R. Shafter
Lt.Colonel George W. Schofield
Chaplain Elijah Guion

Captain Wilbur F. Arnold
Captain William M. Kilgour
Captain Orville Burke
Captain David M. Sells
Captain John C. Conner
Captain Charles C. Hood
Captain Robert McClermont
Captain Charles C. Beyer
Captain Charles C. Beyer
Captain Fredrick M. Crandal
Captain George B. Hoge

1st Lt. Lewis Johnson
1st Lt. Samuel K. Schwenk
1st Lt. August Funk
1st Lt. Henry L. Stone
1st Lt. Dennis H. Williams
1st Lt. Charales H. Ingraham
1st Lt. Samuel E. Armstrong
1st Lt. Frank W. Taggard
1st Lt. William E. Horton
1st Lt. Henry W. Lawton
1st Lt. Robert Neely

2nd Lt. Edward Donovan
2nd Lt. George E. Albee
2nd Lt. James Pratt Jr
2nd Lt. Thomas Sharp
2nd Lt. Alfred C. Markley
2nd Lt. Byron F. Strong
2nd Lt. F. H. Hathaway

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