Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Roster of Officers of the 38th and 39th United States Infantry Regiments

Researched and compiled by
Anthony Powell
Military Historian
San Jose, California

Photos are available on over ninety percent of the officers listed. For further information contact Anthony Powell at E-mail: apowell@portraitsinblack.com. Telephone: 408-448-2260.

©1999. Anthony Powell

Thirty-Eighth Regiment Of Infantry

Colonel William B. Hazen

Lt. Colonel Culver Grover

Major Henry C. Merriam

Chaplain John N. Shultz

Captain Charles E. Clarke
Captain Henry C. Corbin
Captain John N. Craig
Captain Edward Bloodgood
Captain O. N. W. Cunningham
Captain Alexander Moore
Captain John C. Gilmore
Captain William M. Beebe Jr
Captain J. B. Conyngham

1st Lt. David I. Ezekiel
1st Lt. William F. Spurgin
1st Lt. Edwin A. Rigg
1st Lt. William E. Sweet
1st Lt. Joseph C. McBride
1st Lt. Josph M. Kelley
1st Lt. A. Mcl Crawford
1st Lt. James N. Morgan
1st Lt. John B. Nixon
1st Lt. Daniel M. Page
2nd Lt. J. M. Thompson
2nd Lt. Charles G. Penney
2nd Lt. Bethel M. Custer
2nd Lt. Mirand W. Saxton
2nd Lt. William F. Gardner
2nd Lt. Jacob A. Souders
2nd Lt. Stephen R. Stafford
2nd Lt. Henry F. Leggett

Thirty-Ninth Regiment Of Infantry

Colonel Joseph A. Mower
Lt. Colonel Frank Wheaton

Major Alexander Von Schrader

Chaplain Eglinton D. Barr

Captain Dennis T. Kirby
Captain Delos A. Ward
Captain Thomas H. Reeves
Captain Gaines Lawson
Captain Richard Robins
Captain Frank T. Bennett
Captain Emil Adam
Captain James F. Randlett
Captain John M. Hamilton
Captain Lucius H. Warren

1st Lt. Birney B. Keeler
1st Lt. George Baldy
1st Lt. Luke O'Reilly
1st Lt. William McElroy
1st Lt. William Hoelcke
1st Lt. Jesse M. Lee
1st Lt. Archibald Bogle
1st Lt. Michale L. Courtney
1st Lt. George E. Ford
1st Lt. Cyrus N. Gray
1st Lt. Charles M. Bucklin
1st Lt. Baxter H. Quimby

2nd Lt. Eugene L. Barnes
2nd Lt. Charles L. Cooper
2nd Lt. Emmett Crawford
2nd Lt. George S. Grimes
2nd Lt. Benjamin Abrahams
2nd Lt. Jonan'n B. Hanson
2nd Lt. Gust've Magnitzky
2nd Lt. Hampden S. Cottel

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