Lest We Forget - African American Military History by Researcher, 
				Author and Veteran Bennie McRae, Jr.

Miss Charles Emily Wilson

SOURCE: Kinney County 1852-1977. Published by the Members of the Kinney County Historical Commission (of 1976-1977)

Outstanding among our Black citizens today and a Seminole is Charles Emily Wilson a long time teacher in our schools. She was awarded the "Woman of the Year" plaque at the Chamber of Commerce banquet last year and a at present Secretary-Treasurer of the group. She is a leading member of the Seminole Association as well as her church and other important groups. Her people come to her for advice and help. She is a graduate of Tillotson College with a B. A. degree and a M. Ed. degree from Prairie View.

Many of the black people here came as familes of the Seminole Indian scout, brought to Ft. Clark by Col. McKenzie in the late 1860's from Mexico where they had fled from Oklahoma.

Charles' parents were among these. They were married in Ft. Clark and lived on the reservation on Las Moras Creek as they were both of Seminole descent.

The children had to walk about three miles to school in Brackettville but the Seminoles had their own church on the reservation. Henry Wilson, a relative of Charles's, was their minister for a long time. Charles's sister, Dorothy, taught in the Carver School until her death in 1962.

Their only brother died at the age of 12 from injuries sustained when he fell off the bluff into the Ft. Clark Rock Quarry.

Charles's mother, Mrs. Rebecca July Wilson, operated a restaurant in Brackettville after the family moved into town.

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