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First Muster-In Roll

Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts

Researched and compiled by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

The following list represent the first muster-in roll of individuals to come from Mexico into Texas in 1870 at the request of the United States Army to serve as scouts. Designated the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts by the U.S. Army, the group was later expanded to no more than fifty at any one time. Some of the men were of African-Seminole descent, some of African-Mexican-Seminole descent, some of strictly African descent, and others were of African, Cherokee, Creek, Biloxi and possibly other ancestry.

The first Muster-in Roll of a group of ten individuals assigned to the Detachment of Seminole Negro Indian Scouts by authority of the Commanding Officer of the Department of Texas, dated Headquarters, Department of Texas, Austin, Texas 20 July 1870 from the sixteenth of August 1870 for the term of six months unless sooner discharged.

Name Rank Age
Kibbitt, John 1st Sergeant 60
Dixie, Joe Private 19
Factor, Dindie Private 21
Factor, Hardie Private 60
Factor, Pompie* Private 16
Fay, Adams Private 18
Kibbitt, Bobby Private 20
Thompson, John Private 18
Ward, John* Private 20
Washington, George Private 21

NOTE: The Detachment was mustered in at Fort Duncan, Texas by Major Zenas R. Bliss, 25th Infantry Regiment.

* Subsequently awarded the Medal of Honor.

SOURCE: Muster Rolls, Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts, National Archives, Washington, D.C.

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