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Black Seminole Indian Scout Cleanup

OCTOBER 16, 1999
By Eddie Adams

Submitted by Joni Jordan

Heartwarming is hardly sufficient to describe the feeling generated by a group of volunteers from Laughlin Air Force Base, who gathered early on Saturday morning, Oct 16, 1999, to help clean up the Black Seminole Indian Scouts Cemetery located on Fort Clark.

They came in all shapes, sizes and genders. Some were active-duty military, Department of Defense Civilians, officers and enlisted, boys and girls, men and women, and just plain good-folks willing to lend a hand to clean the cemetery.

They brought their own tools, cleaning materials, paint, and labor. They worked hand-in-hand, or should we say, "rake, shovel, lawnmower, cleaning/paint brush-in hand," side-by-side at the cemetery which is approximately 30 miles east of Laughlin AFB.

This venture was begun as a simple thought that there were people on the base who may be interested in helping with the cemetery. After the call was put out, more than 100 persons responded to an E-mail request to the base population. More than 60 people showed up for the cleanup. Many who wanted to attend were unable because they were involved with an open house air show at the base scheduled for the next day.

There are four Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients buried in this cemetery, and the respect and awe of the military members was openly evident in words and deeds as they cleaned and painted the encasements containing the headstones of these brave heroes.

Members of the Black Seminole Indian Scouts Association were also on hand for the cleanup. The cleanup crew was later treated to a brisket, rib, and pinto bean dinner at the picnic area on historic Fort Clark. The dinner was provided by the Laughlin AFB Black Heritage Committee and the Black Seninole Indian Scouts Association.

The following is a partial list of the volunteers who participated and/or responded to the call. The Black Heritage Committee and the Black Seminole Indian Scouts Association would like to thank all those who participated, even those who desired to help, but were unable to attend:


Joan Griffith and family
Monica Harris
Michael McNeil
William (Dub) Warrior
Ethel (Mama) Warrior
Joni (Sister) Jordan
Darryl Gates
Richard Urban and family
Beth Smith
Eddie Adams
Chom Suk Yi
Karl Locina
Anthony Russell and family
TSgt Warren and family
April Ferrero
Alfreda Todman
Derek Sherrill
Patty Bixby
Rohanda Atkinson
Robin Poteat and family
Samantha Norwood
Shirley Simon and family Kenny L.King
Cedric Pickett
Lori Kipfmiller
Vern Putnam
Kallisha Metoyer
Jennifer Allphin
Joe Williams
Barry West
Rick Wells
Carman Suggs
Shonilli Gaston
Roxanne Cortez
Margaret Hepp
Tammy Savoie
Patricia Fulce
Ervin Curtis, III
Jessica Savoie
Justin Underwood
Jesse Gillans, Jr.
Douglas Baskin
Dwight A. Hardy
Clarence Hardy Matthew McCain
Brenda McCain
Billy Pierce
Marion Pierce
Yvonne Best-Sanders
Norma Kelly Perry
John Freeman
Marie Knick
James B. Baum
Terrence Zelek
Chad Church
Bladimir Hernandez
Roberto Espinoza
Meelondrell Shabazz
Warren Lee Weyer
Larry L. Weyer
Warren W. Weyer
Ms Barry West
Kathie West
Shirley Simon w/Kevin & Gienka
Alan Mills
Roy Meffley

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