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Black, Buckskin and Blue

Black, Buckskin and Blue

African-American Scouts and Soldiers on the Western Frontier

By Art T. Burton

Black, Buckskin, and Blue takes an in-depth look at African Americans who were scouts and soldiers on the United States western frontier during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The author explores individuals, incidents. and occurrences in which black men were involved during the westward movement as scouts and soldiers. Bypassing the many racial hostilities they endured in western frontier towns--well covered by other books- the author examines military incidents involving black soldiers and desperadoes and certain critical military engagements in which they made important contributions. This book is a continuation of the research begun by the author more than a decade ago for his first book, Black Red and Deadly: Black and Indian Gunfighters of the Indian Territory, 1870-1907. Art Burton, a native of Oklahoma lives in Chicago with his wife and daughter and serves as director of minority affairs at Columbia College Chicago.

ISBN 1-57168-295-3
6x9 hardback, 296 pages, photos, muster roles, bibliography, index


Section I: Scouts

Edward Rose
Jim Beckwourth
Britton Johnson
Henry Wilson
Jim Ned
Alfred Wood
Tom Tobin
Isaiah Dorman
Frank Grouard
Charles "Smokey" Wilson
Sam Bowman
Wash Robinson
Seminole Negro Indian Scouts
Section II: Civil War in the West

1st Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment
2nd Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment
2nd Kansas Colored Infantry Regiment
First Iowa Regiment of African Descent
Other Units in the West
Section III: Buffalo Soldiers

The Black Infantry
The Wham Payroll Robbery
The Black Cavalry -- 9th U.S. Cavalry
10th Cavalry
Buffalo Soldiers to the Rescue
Buffalo Soldiers Fighting Outlaws
A Soldier's Soldier
Buffalo Soldier Narratives

Military Engagements of the Buffalo Soldiers and Seminole Negro Indian Scouts in the Indian Wars
Muster Rolls
Battles Fought on the Western Frontier by Black Civil War Soldiers

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