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The Camp - Fort Clark Spring, Texas



This letter is a request for support of an extremely important project to preserve and promote the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and the Black Seminole Indian Scouts. First, some background on the visionaries for the project, Trooper Will H. Raspberry was assigned to Fort Clark Springs, Texas, along with over 10,000 other black soldiers (Buffalo Soldiers) in the spring of 1942. He was assigned to the 9th Cavalry, Buffalo Soldiers. He met his wife, Mrs. Izola "CHOACH" Warrior-Raspberry, in Bracketville, Texas, and they married on Fort Clark Springs. Her brother, William "DUB" Warrior, a renowned historian of the Buffalo Soldiers and Black Seminole Indian Scouts, lives today with his wife, Mrs. Ethel (Hall) Warrior, in Del Rio, Texas. Mrs. Raspberry and her brother, DUB Warrior, are direct descendants of Black Seminole Indian Scouts~- Their Great Uncles, Mr. John Jefferson, Mr. Charles Daniels and Mr. Curley Jefferson, are widely known throughout Texas for their noteworthy service as Black Seminole Indian Scouts. The Raspberry - Warrior Families has dedicated themselves to the education of family and friends to the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers and Black Seminole Indian Scouts. Their goal now is to help educate more of America.

Trooper Will H. Raspberry, his wife, Mrs. Izola "CHOACH" Raspberry and members of the Raspberry - Warrior Family have embarked on a unique and most noteworthy project. Their objective(s) are two-fold. First, they intend to procure, restore, and preserve a historic barracks property located on Fort Clark Springs, Texas. To date, the family has purchased the barracks property by securing a loan. Recently, they received a significant cash donation from the President of Vision Quest, Mr. Chuck Barth to help them with procurement and restoration costs. Currently, they are consulting with Architects from the Texas Historical Commission in the development of contract proposals and construction plans for complete restoration of the barracks to its original condition. They are filing the necessary applications to register the barracks as a Texas Historical Landmark. Secondly, after restoration and renovations, the barracks' troop bay area will serve as a Cultural Center/Memorial Hall for the rediscovery and preservation of a forgotten and/or ignored segment of American History, "The contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers and the Black Seminole Indian Scouts in the shaping of the America we know today". The troop bay will house memorabilia and artifacts, to enshrine the legacy of these great African-American heroes, and serve as the Cultural Center for education of our communities, our youth and all who wish to learn the truth about our past and the significant contributions made by these American Soldiers. The barrack site will be given the name, "THE CAMP". The name was derived from the Black Seminole Indian Scouts, as they referred to their homesite as "THE CAMP".

This is a monumental undertaking, "THE CAMP" will be the only historical barracks on Fort Clark, Springs or the Bracketville area that will commemorate the Buffalo Soldiers and Black Seminole Indian Scouts, Trooper Raspberry and his family need and solicit your support. Contributions, donations and/or memorabilia and artifacts would be of great value and assistance. I encourage you to connect with Trooper Raspberry and his family to pledge your support. The family can be contacted at the following telephone numbers and addresses:

"THE CAMP" C/O Trooper Will H. Raspberry, 10843 Hallstead Dr., St. Louis, Mo. 63136. Telephone number (314) 869-9510, or (573) 847-2346.


"THE CAMP" C/O LTC. Larry D. Webb, 43 Fox Meadows Ct., St. Charles, Mo. 63303 Telephone number (314) 928-6759.

On Site Project Director


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